The Best Thing For Ryleigh

Teaching her at home and not sending her to any school was one of the best decision she ever made. If she would have listened to the world, her daughter wouldn’t have discovered the most amazing discovery in the world. Tammy took her daughter to her favorite fishing spot and it was time for Ryleigh to fulfill her destiny.

A Little Too Hot

Sun was already above their heads and it was getting unbearable to stay in the sun for long and especially for Ryleigh who kept asking her mother for more water. Tammy was worried about Ryleigh getting a sunstroke and she asked her to take a break and move to the shade on the shoreline. Destiny was playing its part and everything was going as planned. Ryleigh listened to her mother and was exploring the shore and there it was. Tammy asked her not to get too close but who has been able to stop a curious person. She found it.

Taking A Break

Ryleigh was sitting under the tree shade and when her eyes caught something at the shoreline of the water. She wanted to take a closer look but her legs weren’t responding to her and she was feeling really tired from all the fishing. She couldn’t take her eyes off from that thing and kept staring it. Tammy even called out her name but she didn’t listen to her even once and she kept her eyes on that thing as it was controlling Ryleigh. Her mother thought she is just tired and into her own thoughts but Ryleigh suddenly stood up and started running towards the shoreline without giving a thought. Her mother kept calling her back but there was nothing which can stop her. The thing called her and she was there standing in front it staring it back without blinking. She picked it up and shouted, mom! look what I found?

What Is That?

Ryleigh was shouting, look mother look, but her mother was sitting little far from where Ryleigh was standing and she couldn’t make it what her daughter was trying to show her. But being a mother she was worried because children find so many things on the shoreline without even knowing what they are and end up being hurt. Tammy ran towards her daughter shouting, put that thing down. But Ryleigh was so excited as if she knew what it was. What is it?

Be Careful!

If you have ever been near to shoreline, you might be aware of the fact that it’s not an easy task to move on the shoreline that is filled with slippery rocks, right? Same happened with Ryleigh and she was just a kid and that too a tired one from all the activity in the sun. She was walking on the rocks and she realized pretty soon that it’s not easy. She was minding her path because if she falls he mother would give her a scolding of a lifetime. She was feeling like she is a little explorer and then her right feet lost balance and she fell down.

A Creature In The Rocks

Ryleigh lost her balance and something caught her eyes. She was in pain after her legs hit the rocks and she was afraid of something which looked like a sea creature and was very different from other creatures she has seen. She couldn’t move as it will worsen if the creature bites her or something. She stayed there for a while and kept calling her parents for help. Her parents were still at a distance from her and they were watching her daughter struggle in pain and they could tell she is afraid of something. They kept running towards her and when they reached something unbelievable happened.