Put a Vest on That Coffee


Everyone and their mother in the keto lifestyle are familiar with the bulletproof coffee. There’s nothing like adding some flavor-enhancing fat to that cup of joe’.

If you’re looking for a substitute to that bulletproof coffee, when you’re out and about, you can just order a Grande Espresso Coffee over ice with heavy cream and maybe a couple of pumps of sugar-free cinnamon syrup.

Your Macchiato Sir


The Caramel Macchiato – a higher carb option but if you opt for the Tall drink it won’t go over 3-6 grams of carbs. You can order a Skinny Caramel Macchiato with almond milk and no caramel drizzle.  You can also get heavy cream if you need the extra calories.

What About Some Grub


You can get some almonds, Cheese, and salami. Also, there is the Egg and Cheese protein box for those wishing to avoid carbs. Just leave the fruit out.

Moon Cheese


These cheese balls are keto-friendly since they are made purely out of cheese. You can also add them to salads and other foods.

Get Your Turkey


Some Starbucks locals offer a meal-sized BLT Turkey protein box. Just make sure to avoid the bread.

Panini for the Win


Yep, we know what you’re thinking. Are you nuts? How can a panini be keto-friendly? Well, dear reader, the trick is to just leave out the bread. That’s right, just grab the inside of the sandwich and you’re good to go. You can order the turkey pesto or the chicken and double smoked bacon.