What made us the way we are? What were the choices that we made that led us here? These questions are hard and not easy to answer but, this story here would surely tell why this guy made such a decision that made him the most popular. He wasn’t positive about the step he was about to take but still, one thing led to another and the hero was born. If you have watched superheroes movies you might have seen that our favorite superheroes struggle a lot to reach a certain stage before they are considered as heroes among the community. Though this story isn’t about a superhero a normal human being who became a national hero in a most unexpected way. You’ll be surprised to see how it all began…

Champion Was Born

Shavarsh Karapetyan was born on May 19, 1953, in Kirovakan (now called Vanadzor), Armenia. Kirovakan is the third largest country in Armenia then part of Soviet Union. In 1964, his family moved to Yerevan where he finished his eight years of schooling and later shifted to a technical school where he learned about auto-mechanics. But then something happened in his life that shifted his life’s direction towards swimming which turned out to be the most fruitful decision in his life. But who would have thought that in future things would take a steep turn that would change everybody’s lives?

Legend On The Field

Shavarsh Karapetyan, one of the most celebrated and respected swimming athletes in the world. But he has a very exciting story to tell the world. In his swimming career, he was able to break 11 world records and won the world championship 17 times! But Shavarsh himself has a very interesting story behind all his success. It wasn’t like he woke up one day and realized he would pursue his career in swimming. There was a very compelling reason behind why he chose it.

A National Hero

Shavarsh Karapetyan is known as the most prominent and talented athletes of his generation but do you think of he wouldn’t have been a great swimmer, he would be able to inspire the way he does today? What was the reason? He used his talent when it was needed the most. What did he do back then that made his life story worth sharing and viral?

An Armenian Swimmer

When he was born in 1953, Armenia was still a part of Soviet Union. There are people who discover their talent by themselves but in Shavarsh case it was one of his family members who made him realize that he has a body type of being a professional swimmer and it would do him good he would choose that path. But there was some confusion in his mind as all teenagers have. Teenage is the most confusing period of our lives. We are in constant battle with our minds and life. There was only one question would he be really successful?

Difficult Decision

After one of Shavarsh’s family members commented about his body type which he thought would be suitable for swimming, he was under a lot of pressure. Being a teenager he couldn’t make up his mind. He thought what harm it could do him if he tried his hands in swimming? He was right there was no harm in trying as he soon realized that he was made for swimming.

Ready To Dive In

After he was ready to try his hands in swimming he looked around for the institution who taught swimming nearby. Choosing the institution wasn’t difficult as there were not many who taught swimming even when Soviet and United States were competing each other in every Olympics to tell the world who owns everything. But he was lucky as his institution saw the talent inside of him.