A Movement

“Wait,” Sean shouted, “Stop!” Gary turned around and saw Sean’s face turned red with fear. The man stopped the engine at an instance. He was shivering from fear. He rushed to Sean and they bent forward to give it another look. Again, the object was not moving at all. Gary and Sean’s heart stopped a beat when t began to twist. Sean said, “I saw its arms move,” He stretched his finger towards it “There, see!” The man was absolutely right.

Mysterious Creature

Gary further explained, “That’s no stuffed toy.” Sean saw that closely and wondered what was it. The object did not look like any sea animal. It is noteworthy here that the man had spent a large fraction of his life traveling in the ocean. But not for once he had seen something like this. The man got another surprise when he realized that he was actually staring in the object’s tiny, black eyes. The mystery was going to take another turn.       

What Was It?

The man was still struggling to understand when the mass began to emerge out of the water. In no time, the object raised its head and began to struggle to stay above the water. After that, it began to slide off the black tire. No matter how much it tried, it could not succeed in clinging to the tire. Then it gave out a shout that sounded like a request to them. And that was the very moment they had their rude awakening. 


It was not a toy but a living being. The creature was writhing in pain that was trying its best to come above the water. But unfortunately, no efforts of his was bringing any fruitful result. It tried to get a hold on the wooden pole with the help of its disheveled arm but that gave no result.            

Diving In

Sean immediately sprung into action. He sped off the boat towards it to help the animal. However, the step seemed to be counter-productive as the animal had to struggle more as they paddled the boat towards it, thanks to the wave created because of the speed of the vessel. 

Not Sure

It was a heart-melting scene. Though he wanted to help the creature but was not sure if it let him go near to it. Nevertheless, there was no point in trying. His long black claws had made many scratch marks on the pole while holding it. All this while, he was not sure if the animal would let him touch it.