The Island Of Oahu

Oahu AKA “The Gathering Place” is the third-largest island of Hawaii. Almost 1 million people reside here on this beautiful and mysterious island. There are two volcanoes in Oahu, the Wai’anae and Ko’olau Ranges that shields the islands. And without a doubt, these are the places you must visit once in your life. Tourists can enjoy the sight of beautiful volcanoes, but historians can learn some interesting things about Hawaiian history. The history which was hidden for 400 years was now out in front of the world.

The First Settlement

According to archeological evidence, the first population that settled here around 300 AD arrived from the island Bora Bora who then established the Kingdon of O’ahu. They are believed to be the most ancient rulers in the history of Hawaiian. But recently, two tourists discovered a hidden secret from the Oahu age which changed the path of the history of the island. What’s the secret? You’ll find out soon.

Leaving Texas

Mark Louviere and Lonnie wanted to leave Texas for a few days so that they could enjoy some quality time. We all need a vacation. When we decide a place that we wish to explore, we start preparing for it from a few months back. Mark and Lonnie loved Hawaii. They knew what a beautiful place it is and when they got a chance they didn’t leave the opportunity and the next moment they were on a plane to Hawaii.

What All We Would Do?

Though they have been in Hawaii before, this time they wanted to explore the islands which they missed last time. You can imagine the craze about this place which made them visit it again. There is so much to do there that one vacation isn’t enough to completely explore the place to the fullest. Excited about the vacation they made sure that they don’t miss out any fun. But who could have thought that there was a reason behind the Hawaiian calling?

Two Normal Tourists

It was in 2016, Mark and Lonnie decided to take a break from their hectic schedule in Hawaii. They have already been there before, so they knew a lot about the place and places they can visit for some leisure time. But rather than staying in some lavish area, they decided to stay in the town of Waianae, at Oahu’s west coast.

Why The Town?

They chose the Polynesian area because of the lovely weather in the town, clear and fresh waters from the beaches, and the islands’ unique culture. Last time they missed this town when they were here in Hawaii. So, when they planned their next vacation it was again Hawaii but this time they chose a different place that would make their trip more memorable. But little did they know that after this astonishing discovery they would soon become the islands’ history.