Accidental Discoverers

For both Mike and Lonnie it was the first time they have visited Oahu. So, both men were looking forward to exploring the place and make the most out of the trip. They wanted to visit as many famous spots on the island as possible. One day, during the course of their vacation they were enjoying the sunset at the beach when they spotted something at the beach. Confused and intrigued they moved closer to it…

A Step Forward

The sun was going down when suddenly a ray of light changed their destiny forever. Something unusual was there on the sand. Mike and Lonnie had no idea what they were looking at. But it was something they haven’t seen in their entire life. They moved closer to the shore where the water had just revealed something to them. Everything stopped for a moment. Two strangers from different part of the world were standing and staring at their destiny which was about to change very soon.

Take A Shot

Mike and Lonnie captured a few of the images of the discovery they have just made on the sea just before sunset. They were feeling lucky because if they would pass the same spot some 10 or 15 minutes later they wouldn’t have been able to see it because of the sunset. But eventually, it was their destiny to find the most amazing discovery of the century.

The Next Day

Mike and Lonnie were again on the same spot where they discovered something on the sand. Waiting for the waters to clear the area they waited for some time. After a while, they were staring at the same petroglyph which was carved into some rocks. The rocks were located next to the coastline. The sight was just beautiful as Mike and Lonnie haven’t seen anything like that ever in their whole life. But what was the meaning of all this? They were no expert but they wanted to know more about the discovery.

A Stroke Of Luck

Both men realized how lucky they were that this amazing discovery was made by them. They were there at the right time in the right place. It was their destiny to spot those ancient carvings when every day several of tourists pass the same spot as them But no one else spotted it except these two. So, what was the discovery? What does it mean? They wanted to know.

Luck Was On Their Side

After the discovery was made public, many tourists and local people were stunned to know that had never seen these strange figures before. Even the regular visitors at the beach or the local people who worked in the area never saw these figures. Mike and Lonnie said to Hawaiian station, “it was just a stroke of luck!”. But what was this discovery all about? What did these carvings mean?