So what makes being a vegetarian better than others? Well for starters, vegetarians tend to weigh lesser and show lesser risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes than people who consume a lot of meat. Merely cutting down the portions of your meat intake also helps improve your health. But then again, meat is full of protein which your body needs at the end of the day. Fear not for we have for you, 20 high-protein vegetables, legumes, and minimally processed meat alternatives:


Protein: 18 g per 1-cup serving (cooked)

This appetizer could arguably be the healthiest snack ever. Even one cup of edamame or maybe cooked soybeans have a very high amount of protein in them. Where can you get these? Well, they would be available anywhere at an organic variety, but like most soybeans in the US, these are genetically modified with pesticides.


Protein: 16 g per 3 oz serving

Yes, we know, it looks like meat. Actually, tempeh is fermented cooked soybeans, converted into a thick cake that can be sliced or even pan-fried much like tofu. It’s nutty, chewy, and contains more protein and fiber. Due to the fact that it is fermented, tempeh is also very easy to ingest and digest.


Protein: 8 to 15 g per 3 oz serving

Tofu can honestly be said as the classic vegetarian blank slate which is made out of curdled soymilk. it is yummy when pan-fried and can even be stir-fried or scrambled. It has lesser protein than tempeh but the taste is said to be better. You must remember to choose organic varieties to stay away from tofu that has pesticides in it. Tofu is truly a versatile vegetarian snack.


Protein: 9 g per ½-cup serving

Low-cal, high-fiber, and high-protein. These may be the most precise description when it comes to lentils. Lentils can also be transformed into a nutrient-dense side dish, veggie burger, or even whipped to become a dip like hummus. Also, lentils are known to be able to decrease cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Black Beans

black beans
Protein: 7.6 g per ½-cup serving (cooked)

There is another vegetable that can come to the rescue when you want to have a protein-laden snack but want it to be strictly vegetarian: black beans. Black beans are also heart-healthy fiber, rich in potassium, folate, vitamin B6, and several phytonutrients. So yes, if you want to maintain a nutritious meal or a healthy one, black beans are the answer. 

Lima Beans

lima beans
Protein: 7.3 g per ½-cup serving (cooked)

If you have been forced to eat lima beans ever since you were young, well, we have good news for you. These beans are known to be good in filling protein in your body, lima and they also contain amino acid leucine. This would essentially mean that you will have a healthy muscle synthesis for adults that eat lima beans regularly.