The love of an animal is the purest form of love that one will ever get to experience. A loving pet is the only living being who would love you more than you love yourself. They would reciprocate the emotions in the best possible way. Undoubtedly, they are like therapists to us. The only thing is that this therapist is covered with fur and has four legs. If you own a pet, you probably can relate to what I just said.

Maia a four-year-old girl got the best sibling from her parents. They bought home a few weeks old Labrador. The girl got a best friend, a sibling in that pet. But soon only she was left alone when a burglary took place at their place and her dear lab was gone. She was heartbroken. After three days of the robbery, Maia’s attention is caught by some suspicious movements near her dog’s kennel. Those movements were enough to turn her world upside down.

The Family

Elena Sardi and Ryan Hood were the residents of Melbourne. They had a very simple living kind of lifestyle. With the birth of their daughter Maia, their life got hectic. Managing a kid along with your work is not at all easy. Isn’t it? Though in initial years things were smooth, as Maia got a little older, she started to feel lonely. That’s when her parents brought her something she had been longing for.

A Sibling

Maia was four-years-old and as her parents got busy with their work she started feeling lonely at home. There was no one to accompany her, play with her and talk to her. Being the only child of her parents, Maia started to feel the need of a sibling. And that’s when her parents got her one. A child’s wish was soon going to be true, and she was getting excited.

Bringing Her Home

Maia was already brimming with joy to know that her parents were getting her a little pup. Even before bringing home the dog, she along with the help of her father got a kennel for her dog and placed it near her bedroom’s window.  The little girl just could wait for her new pet.

Dear Labrador

Thrilled with excitement Maia along with her parents visited the nearest pet shop to their house. Maia was overwhelmed to see so many dogs and cats wagging their tail at her sight. Though Maia adored every pet residing there, eight-week-old pup lab caught her attention. Maia knew it was her whom she will be adopting for life.

Love At First Sight

Who said that love at first sight, happens only among the human hearts and not with any other two living souls? For Maia, her lab was the one who stole her heart at an instant. She named her dear doggo “Sasha”. Even Sasha developed an instant bond with Maia. She would wag her tail, the moment she saw Maia coming towards her. However, the duo didn’t know that their days of staying together were only limited.

Caressing Her

Elena and Ryan were happy to see Maia and Sasha together. In their words, Sasha took away the boredom that Maia had been feeling all the way before the pup was adopted. They were amused at the sight as Maia caressed Sasha, Sasha too would reciprocate. She would follow Maia in the entire house and would even eat only from the hands of Maia. Unfortunately, Maia’s happiness soon came crashing down.