Haunting Morning

It was merely a week that Maia got Sasha home. That morning, Maia was feeling uneasy. A night before she even had a mild fever. Elena drove to the physician to get Maia the needed medical help. It was for the first time in that week that Maia left Sasha alone at the home as she couldn’t carry her to the doctor’s clinic. As she returned back home all she wanted to do was cuddle with her dear Sasha, but what they saw next left them baffled.

Terrible Sight

As Elena unlocked the door to her house, she was taken aback. There was utter silence all around, Sasha wasn’t barking and that was strange. While Elena and Maia were just thinking of Sasha to be asleep, they saw that their living room was all untidy and things were lying on the floor. Not only this as they stepped in, but they were also welcomed with a broken glass of the windows. What did just happen?

A Robbery

After finding the pillows, wall paintings, and glass over the floor, Elena soon realized that the thieves had broken into her house, while she was away. Scared Elena immediately calls Ryan. She further finds that her precious jewelry, wall art, some cash had been stolen. While she was weeping over this loss, she did not sense that something even precious had been taken away as well.

Lost Sasha

Maia and Elena were suddenly struck hard with the fact that in all this mess Sasha was nowhere to be seen. They looked under every piece of furniture, checked her kennel, under the beds and behind the curtains, but there were no signs of Sasha. They called “Sasha, Sasha” loud and sadly there was no response. The burglars probably had taken away their dear pup as well.

Distressed Maia

Poor Maia couldn’t stop crying. It was only since a week that she started feeling good and happy about her life. She got a new best friend who would stay with her always and now only she was lost. Maia was distressed and all she thought was of Sasha. Her heart was broken and she was frightened thinking what state might have Sasha ended in.

Searching The Neighborhood

As Ryan got home, he understood how grim the situation was. Moreover, finding Maia in this much of pain took over him. He couldn’t see her daughter in pain. He along with Maia went through the neighborhood in an aim to find Sasha. As Sasha was only a month old, even if she would have escaped, she could not have traveled far. However, Ryan was not sure, if they would be able to find their lost family member or not.