This is a unique story with lots of bitter and sweet surprises. It is about a woman who during her search for her birth family uncovers some unbelievable secrets. This incredible story took place in South Korea. O’Brien, the woman desperately wanted to know about her biological family but all the bridges to the past were burnt. O’Brien’s wish to locate her birth family ended at an unimaginable note. The woman worked as a nurse in a  hospital in Florida.


O’Brien was put up for adoption when she was a small child. The life had given her another chance to live a life that many orphans dream of. Her adoptive family welcomed her with all their hearts and she too loved being a part of her new family. Years passed by but a part of the woman could not move on. She still wanted to trace back her birth family. Was it too much to ask for? 

Tracing Back

In a world with a population of over 7.7 billion, it is not easy to locate someone without the required information and resources. She did not know anything about her birth family. The journey was no doubt tough but she was not going to give up without trying. 


Well, we can’t blame O’Brien for her curiosity to know about her past as human tends to get more attracted to things unknown. Curiosity is an integral part of human nature. Some have it less and some have it more in them. It has been seen that many adopted kids have tried to know about their birth family. Some succeeded while some failed. However, the adopted kids should not neglect the emotions of their adoptive parents.    

Hard Times

O’Brien does not remember much about her birth family except that her mother died right after bringing her to the world. The little girl could not even get a hug from her. Her birth brought no happiness to anyone in fact, it ended up becoming a bad memory. You may think that is the worst that can happen to one but the girl’s misfortune had just begun.   

Step Mother

The whole responsibility of her had fallen upon her broken and alone father. We all are aware of the importance of a mother in the life of a growing child. However, she was not only kept from the world’s purest love but also had to face hardships since her birth. Her father unable to look after her on his own and decided to remarry. This is how O’Brien got a stepmother. 

Good Times?

The little child who remained unknown to motherly love was hopeful and happy about having a mom. Her father thought that the little girl needed a mom and that is why he brought another woman to their family. However, nothing went as planned. The stepmother was least concerned about her. In fact, she did not like her.