“What are the odds?” is the first reaction that we all end up with whenever we hear of something unusual that we never thought could happen. You either meet a friend in the same flight that you are traveling in, or a person with the same birth date as yours. But these are just trivial occurrences.

How would you react when you get to know that such occurrences have been a part of our history on a much higher level? Has the Universe always been planning each of our lives? Is someone looking upon us from the space above who is making us all connected through such coincidences?

Here are 50 such historic coincidences that will leave your mind blown or you may also feel the ground slipping from under your feet.

Titanic’s Prequel

Exactly fourteen years before 1912, when the calamity of the sinking of Titanic occurred, the famous author Morgan Robertson wrote and published The Wreck of Titan: or Futility, a novel which had the same story-line about a sinking ship named ‘Titan’. The Titan in the book sank in the exact same way as the Titanic sank in real life. 

Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking produced many theories on time and its relativity. Maybe that would explain the chances of a lot happening on the same day. The birth and death of Hawking, the great physicist, added to the significance to the days that already were. His birthday, 8th January is also Galileo’s death anniversary and his death day 14th March is Albert Einstein’s birthday and the Pi-Day when the day reads as 3.14.

Wizard Of Oz

When the crew of the famous movie ‘Wizard of Oz’ was searching for the perfect costume that would suit the character of Professor Marvel, they came across an old and rugged jacket in a random thrift store. It was on the first day of the movie’s shoot that they noticed a name that was stitched inside the pocket of the suit: ‘L. Frank’. Who was it? The original author of the Oz Novels. 

Lincoln and Kennedy

The list of coincidences between the lives of president Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy is endless. Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846, while Kennedy was elected in 1946. Lincoln was elected president in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960. Both were shot dead on a Friday and in the head. Both of their assassins were Southerners and their successors had the same name, Johnson. Need we say more?

World War I

Did you know that World War I was started because of a sandwich break? Yes, the start of the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand but the assassination was not a simple move by the assassins. The assassins’ original attempt to kill Ferdinand had failed miserably and they had lost their chance when the bomb they had targeted for Ferdinand actually hit the car behind him and he ran away safely from the scene. The disappointed assassins’ stopped at a cafe for a sandwich and Ferdinand’s driver happened to take a wrong turn and drove the car past the same cafe. One assassin saw him and shot the archduke and his wife. That is what triggered the World War I. 

A Prophesying Car

The assassination of archduke Ferdinand was not the only eerie fact about the World War. Ferdinand’s car seemed to have an extra feature in it, a sixth sense of being able to predict the future. The archduke’s car’s number plate read ‘A III-118’. Wondering where was the prediction? The armistice for the war was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th of November, 1918. Look at the number plate again.