Signs are an intelligent way to announce information without making anyone stand in the sweat dripping summers or bone-chilling winters to guide people on the road. These signs are often made as simple as possible so people can read and understand it by themselves. But there are certain signs that leave no stone unturned to say their message out loud with a pinch of humor. Listed below are some of the funny signs that would surely make you laugh out loud while you fall on the ground.

A Big No

In the generation of touch screen phones and television having a more realistic view, people will rather gain information from television than endure the pain to visit a zoo. So it will be a miracle if you see people in the jungle and obviously you don’t want to scare them away with some grumpy signs. But the caretaker of this jungle seems to be quite particular about the pond and puts up a sign that you would not want to see. What makes it unique is the fact that it is written in bold red and the words are capitalized. And just in case you miss the sign on purpose, there’s another sign kept in the feet of the sign which will be enough to watch your moves!

A Lesson To Remember

It is widely accepted that public toilets are hardly cleaned, so it gives a clear invitation to germs and diseases. But obviously that doesn’t mean that people would stop using public toilets as avoiding emergencies are quite difficult though. So many have people sit on their crotches to avoid getting infected. But whosoever had put this sign is surely more annoyed with dirty shoes than dirty toilets!

Advertising Is The King

Shoppers know how to market their product and make high profits. No doubt today quality is the king but we can’t forget the power of advertising. It can make anything desirable but your tactics work at grabbing the attention of the right customers. Once you’re able to target the right audience then the show is all yours. Well, this shopper seems to intelligently identify the nerve of the customer and his sign does the rest very skillfully.

Crossing The Lane

Bars have become a community gathering place in recent years that there won’t be a surprise if one day it will be listed in the most visited places of any city. But you can’t deny that it can be one of the most dangerous places if it is connected to a busy road. It might pose a problem for the passersby especially when they are drunk. Whoever put this sign knows how to avoid a drunken man getting hit by a car. The funniest part is how they had depicted the drunken man i.e they are crawling with a bottle in their hand. And we all have been there at some point or the other.

Instruction To The Tourists

Rome always attracts many tourists around the world to visit the country and understand its uniques culture and mannerism. There are many popular traditions, for example, smashing the plate in Greece whereas Finland has a tradition of holding a championship of carrying their respective wives and the most famous La Tomatina festival in Spain! But the visitors sometimes can’t understand the culture and end up laughing. So this is a sign that reminds you that you can laugh but not at the natives.

Tricks To Get Tips

This sign is another masterpiece of advertising using the different sizes of letters to highlight the message in the neon color. Surely this restaurant must have attractive waitresses but the sign clearly warns the men that they can be spoiled by big tips but they won’t take their clothes off for it. Whosoever might have made this sign knows that these waitresses are not only attractive but clever too!