The world of animals could be depressing when you stop looking at the pleasing things for a moment and take a look here. Happiness is knowing facts that we’ve never known before. Fun is knowing it’s a fact and yet you can’t believe it. Well, we’ve brought 54 saddest animals facts that you won’t forget the next time you see them. Whether it be our favorite hedgehogs, dogs, cats, or the wildlife such as cheetahs, elephants or the hardworking insects such as bees, ants or the underwater squids, sharks, or the birds. They are on this list. Like humans have their secrets, animals have the sad sides of their lives they can’t help themselves with. They live with it but how many of these facts have you ever noticed? Go ahead and find your answer!

Can’t Sleep Alone

Sometimes we go to bed thinking of how nice it would have been if someone special was here to hold on to. We all are familiar with that feeling. What if it was an obligation either to sleep together or you won’t fall asleep? Well, zebras can’t sleep alone. It started when the animal learned to sleep standing to keep a watch on the predators. Sleeping in a group decreases their anxiety and helps in tension-free sleeping.

Companionship > Food

Are you a cat person or a dog person? This is a famous question these days. Cats are interesting animals. They seemed to be lost in their own world without a care of what’s going on with their owner and stuff. They’re not much of playful personalities, and looking at their behavior it’s generally understood their priorities are to eat and sleep but that ain’t true. As the studies tell a whole different thing which is the fact that cats prioritize companionship above everything else.

For all the cats’ owners, studies have also proved that cats not only prefer your togetherness but also they can identify your face, voice, and the name you usually call them with. They know it all just choose not to show it.

Sleep Anywhere And Everywhere

Why can’t we sleep in metros? Why can’t we sleep at work? Why can’t we sleep on our comfy mattress even when we are sleepy? Because we are humans, not giant pandas. Giant pandas can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. On top of the tree, next to the cold river or a playing slide, they just don’t care at all. Here’s the funny part, they don’t even care about the risk it might involve, the fluffy pure-hearted creatures just don’t seem to be worried about anything in the world when it comes to their nap time.

Give Me A Partner Or Else I’ll Die!

Who would want the reason for their death to be loneliness? No one, right? Even the female ferrets didn’t choose it for themselves. When they are in heat, high levels of estrogen is secreted in their blood. In this situation, if they are unable to mate, the hormone will increase depression of bone marrow, which causes aplastic anemia. Eventually, they die.

I Can Feel Your Pain!

As humans, we are so used to hiding our feelings as if we were born with this habit. Most of the times we can’t even get the slightest of the idea that the other person is in pain or maybe stressed, that’s how perfectly humans hide our emotions. Now, let’s talk about mice who can’t help but feel other mice’s sadness, pain or suffering. The researchers have found that mice are able to feel complex emotions. They share the sadness, when people feed alive mice to their pet snakes, the rest of the mice in captivity are getting depressed too.

Much More Wrecked Than Us

Seagulls are usually said to be the world’s worst birds. Irritating the tourists is one of their all-time favorite thing to do. Sometime’s it feels like this habit is in their blood and they are bound to tease humans in any possible way. A group of seagulls is known as a wreck and no doubt they wake up every day to prove it to the whole planet. They never let their name down!