No matter how well off a person might be, he/she always needs a companion to share all his/her ups and downs with and as the thought crosses the mind, one wants the other person to possess certain qualities. Such as loyalty, cheerfulness, and amiableness. One who can always lift up your spirits and is always ready to be by your side. But all of these qualities might or might not be there in a particular person, but dogs, they possess these qualities by default. And similar thoughts might have crossed the mind of Kirk Lacewell when he’d thought about adopting a pup. Without knowing that this pup would one day do something so normal whose consequence will make everyone gasp.


When Lacewell couldn’t deal with the loneliness alone, he thought of having a partner who would be there for him and make his life vivacious again. But then having a companion at this age wasn’t an easy decision to make, a lot of things had to be considered beforehand.

Finding The Right Companion

In this world, finding a companion is even more difficult than landing up in a job. When Kirk Lacewell had an urge to have a companion, a dog seemed to be perfect. As he entered the pet shop he’d several doubts as to which dog should he choose, but as soon as his eyes met this bubbly labrador retriever puppy, he felt an unknown connection and without having any second thoughts he went ahead to adopt the pup.

The Pup

The golden Labrador retriever was everything Kirk ever wanted, he was zestful and more often made him run down the street after him. He was delighted with his company and his whole world used to revolve around the pup. And gradually he started to recover from his monotonous life. 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are known for their zestful and energetic nature. But it’s unbelievable that these cool natured, family-oriented dogs were basically bred for hunting and retrieving things. Labrador retrievers have been the most popular breed among the Americans since ages.

Naming The Pup

The pup’s energy was hard to match and he indulged in new mischiefs every day. Watching him grow, was one of the precious moments that Kirk was cherishing. As he started to grow at a faster pace, he became fond of digging up the backyard and due to this Kirk named him Scout. But who knew this normal habit of digging will dig out things from the past that have been unknown for so long.

Scout And His Adventures

As the duo started to share a closer bond, the adventure popped into whatever they did, even the normal activities were more blissful and happening. The normal routine of Kirk became more tireless.