One of the most common questions that you hear from someone you have just met is, “What are your hobbies?” Some reply saying they like reading, gardening, traveling, painting, singing, and things like these.

During our childhood days, even collecting stamps or coins was a hobby that some people enjoyed. But have you ever heard of someone collecting school buses as their hobby?

An 85 year-old-man in Canada collected 42 school buses for himself, but not merely as a hobby. He has a plan, and the outcome is something that is beyond our imagination.

The Man

Bruce Beach was born in the city of Winfield, Kansas and had lived in the city until his young age years. Born in 1939, Bruce had spent his childhood and young years in the city and was deeply attached to it. 


But the conditions changed and Bruce started to feel uncomfortable in his hometown. No place in the whole of the United States felt like home to anyone. The danger was all around and there was a constant uncertainty of life. 


The Vietnam War started on the 1st of November in 1955 and the citizens were deeply disturbed by what was happening around them. But the Vietnam War was just the starting. The worse was yet to come. 


The threatening environment was too much for Bruce and he did not want to live in such jeopardy. In 1970, he relocated to a rural area in Canada. From here on, Bruce started his life-changing journey. 


The Vietnam War ended on the 30th of April in 1975, but before it could end, the Cold-War had already begun in 1974. This was the time Beach started to think about how times were only going to get worse.


Between the years 1980 and 1985, Bruce started collecting school buses from all over Canada and had them delivered to his home. Was it some kind of distraction? Or was he up to some plan which he had been thinking about?