They say marriages are made in heaven. But to maintain a marriage and to conquer all barriers that might come in between is the toughest part. Many people fail in the process.

The main element in a marriage is trust. And when that trust is broken, there’s hardly anything left in the relationship. But what if when you turn 86 and are under the impression that your marriage has been successful but then suddenly you get the surprise of your life.

What if you get to know that your wife had been hiding something from you for 60 years, ever since you got married, and all your thoughts question the bond you both have shared?

The Couple

A couple from Ohio, who do not wish to enclose their names, had been married for 60 years. They had no idea how their life was going to take a strange turn and so, they were prepared for none of what was going to happen. 


The couple had met each other 62 years back because of a common friend and had connected instantly. After being together for two years they decided to be together forever and tie the knot.

Best Kind

Whenever the two tell their story of being together for 60 years, they feel immense pleasure. Both of them have known that it is no joke to make a marriage work for so long, but even they did not know what was it exactly that helped them make it through. 

Happy Together

Both of them had always felt happy together and somewhere inside they knew even in their young days that they were meant to be together forever. And they had made up their minds to walk towards that direction together. But…


The one thing that can destroy all relationships no matter how strong the bond is secrets from one another. When secrets prevail between two people, the trust is broken. And the wife here had a very big secret that she had been hiding. 

Small Family

The husband and wife lived on their own. The kids had families of their own and lived separately. It had been the couple’s decision to live all by themselves, with each other. They were each other’s only support they needed.