Everybody knew that this one particular neighborhood has a good reputation around. There haven’t been any major incidents around the place and residents always felt safe there. But one day everything changed. The bubble of ‘peaceful neighborhood’ was shattered when a most unexpected event took place in the area. So, what happened that day? One Georgia woman was out in the area when her life was put in between life and death. There was a silence before something big was about to go down. What she portrayed to others, in reality, she was something else.

For 22 Years

Martha Al-Bishara has lived in Chatsworth, Georgia for over 22 years. She came to Georgia with her husband from Syria and after that, she hasn’t looked back in her past life. She has seen things which are better to leave in the past. Martha and her husband have been living a peaceful life in the state that has given them everything. But then that one day changed their lives forever. They didn’t ask for it but somehow they were met with the most unfortunate event of their lives.

From Syria

Martha and her husband migrated from Syria to Georgia in search of a better life. Georgia has given the couple everything. Martha, the 87-year-old still follows many of the daily practices that she has learned in Syria while growing up in her home country where she was born. These were the practices that changed everything for her.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Martha who has always been closer to her mother saw her doing things when she was a child. Her mother used to forage for vegetables to prepare food for the family. Sometimes Martha used to accompany her. Martha’s mother used to tell her all about the vegetables. Their name, quality, and everything she knew. And these things stayed with her all her life.

The Habit

Just like her mother, Martha and her husband go for a walk in the evening to collect greens and vegetables to prepare meals for the family. In their neighborhood, there are several spots of lush patches of forest where Martha and her husband go to collect the vegetables. It has become a habit that they enjoy together. But that one day, things took a sharp turn that led them into the midst of something catastrophic.

All Alone

Martha was alone on a walk that day. Her husband wasn’t feeling well so he stayed in the house. Though Martha didn’t want to leave her husband, she thought that she would return as early as possible and won’t stay for long as usual. Little did she know that it was the worst decision she has taken in these past years of her life. She went out with just one idea on her mind. To pick up some dandelions from the nearby land in her neighborhood. But then, something was wrong. 

Will Be Back

Martha left the house. She didn’t take the regular route she used to when she walked with her husband. She didn’t want to stay out for a long time as her husband was sick. So, she was thinking of finishing the job as early as possible. Being a resident of Chatsworth for 22 years she knew about the area by heart. She went to the nearest area where she could pick some dandelions and be back in the house in no time.