Life is made up of a bunch of sweet and bitter incidences. No matter how much you make plans for your future, life always has a way to surprise you. But if hurdles don’t come in your way there won’t be any fun in your day. But then, not every adventure or hurdle of life makes you a better person, sometimes it breaks you into pieces and you are left to gather them for the rest of your life. Although there’s always a perspective of a person that matters at the end. For one person the broken pieces might be beyond recovery and for the other, it might be a chance to reform the former structure. But what would you do if life astonishes you every time with its never-ending surprises, would you still be strong enough to face it or would you simply surrender? The protagonist of the story too faces such an untoward turn in her life but the way she handles the situation leaves her relatives flabbergasted!

World War 2

It was the year 1948 and the world had just gone through the devastating World War. A lot of damage had been caused by aggressive combat and many people had lost their lives and livelihood. But as time passed people tried to forget the war and started afresh, finding new motives in their long lost lives.


It had been 3 years since then and people had pretty much gone back to their normal routines. However, there were still some people finding their motives in life and one of them was the protagonist of the story, Norma. She had actively participated in nursing the people during the war and saved countless lives but after the turmoil had ended she seemed to have lost the motive of her life and her future seemed to be bleak.


Born in Ohio, she was an adventurer by heart but the war had made her lose her zeal. She rarely left her native place and went out of the states afterward. Though spring was at the doorstep and flowers had started to bloom everywhere, the consequences of the war were still afresh in her mind and hence, she would see everything in black and white. Nothing would excite her anymore. Would she be able to find the purpose of her life?

The Hot Day

It was one of the hot days and everyone was waiting for the clouds to cool down the wrath of the sun. Norma too was waiting for her train on that day but unexpectantly her wait seemed like forever. The sun was at the peak and it was becoming impossible for her to stand even in the shelter. She was sweating heavily and praying for the bus to come.


She jumped with happiness when she saw a bus coming from a distance, though she was little concerned about her clothes as they were completely soaked in sweat. But then she thought that the likelihood of meeting a known person was near to zero as it was really hot and wondered who would be out at this time of the day.


She was slightly embarrassed when she saw the bus exceptionally full, she didn’t know what to do as she could not find a seat and the bus too had started to move. As she tried to find a seat she saw a man slightly shifting towards the window and signaling her to his direction. First, she was felt awkward but then she didn’t have any other choice. Would she consider taking a seat beside the strange man?