Today we are going to shed light on a story that literally took the whole nation by storm as the larger part of the United Kingdom was hit by a 5-category storm that changed the face of every place it hit. While the whole nation was still suffering from the aftermath this raging storm had left behind, a real-life story of two absolute strangers and what they did amid all the chaos left everyone biting their nails. The two were making headlines because of their actions and how a small act lead to a fate-changing event. Read this amazing story till the end as every little detail adds up to the bigger picture.

A Disaster Strikes

No matter how much technology had advanced over time, there are still few things we humans don’t have control over and mother nature sits on top of this list. While all the elements that add up to nature and our environment including the weather, the plants, the animals and the landscapes and many other products of our unique planet are as essential for the survival of life. But there are also times when this blessing turns into a curse and we are left helpless and devastated. Unfortunately, a 5-category storm would soon make its way towards the United Kingdom turning their lives upside down.

The Oncoming Storm

This storm would wreak havoc in its wake and it was heading towards the United Kingdom as fast as it could. All the national and local news channels were flooded with intense weather reports and how bad could things turn within a matter of a few minutes. It was a matter of real concern and amid all the chaos a story concerning two absolute strangers made the news that touched everyone who happened to learn it.

Doris’ Rage

It was February 23, 2017, when Storm Doris hit the greater part of UK and Ireland with full force. The storm was approaching its target with a speed of 94mph and it was supposed to be a dangerous one. The reports suggested that the possibility for storm-related accidents to take place was quite high and people were advised to take appropriate precautions to save themselves from this threat, but one woman begged to differ, until…

An Old Woman

Joanie was a 96-year-old pensioner who lived at Walton-on- Thames, England, all on her own. The woman was quite active and healthy for her age and she was able to take care of herself and perform day-to-day tasks with ease. However, she still relied on a walking cane on days when she had to walk out of her home to run errands. One day she would step out of her house for a specific reason underestimating the power of Storm Doris not knowing that she would soon regret it.

A Shopping Trip

Joanie was thinking about picking up some groceries from a nearby store and she didn’t stress much about the storm Doris and the threat it had brought along to her area and other regions of the UK. Joanie was at her place when the gusts of wind had reached a record high. There was a red-alert regarding this disaster and everyone was worried sick and scared, except Joanie.

A Potential Threat

Everyone was well aware of the life-threatening risk that this storm was carrying with it and people were warned about it in time but it appeared that Joanie couldn’t care more as she put her coat on and went outside in the middle of this fatal storm. It had only been minutes and Joanie was just a few blocks away from her quiet place when she learned that the storm was much closer than she expected. She could see the debris flying all around her and it certainly was not a good idea to leave her house. So, what next? Did the woman dig her own grave by doing so?