Sometimes life puts you in a very difficult situation where everything seems to be going in the wrong direction, but it depends on us to be the master of the sea. We all love pets, be it a dog or a cat or any other animal, we have our individual choices. Later, in life, you get the opportunity where you could actually hold a cute little pet in your arms. You make that small creature a part of your family and lives. You see your loving pet grow into something more beautiful and the unconditional love they give you back is nothing you can compare to. Even this woman was ready to have another member into her life but things took a very sharp turn and life became full of unexpected events. Let’s see what happened when this woman asked the shelter to let her adopt a dog. But to her surprise, they just simply said no. What was the reason that made them refuse her request to adopt a dog? You’ll find out soon…

An Easy Thought

The words which just hit her eardrums and the vibration of the sound could be heard in her mind and heart. They were tired from all the traveling which was several hours long. Even in the car, they believed that it would be an easy process where they would meet the shelter people followed by some paper works and at last they would be back on the road with a dog on the back seat of the car. But, it was they were thinking not the shelter people. Something happened.

Standing Her Ground

When she met the shelter people, it was a different story entirely. There was no reason why they refused her request to adopt the dog. The exhaustion, frustration, and tiredness really made her angry at the shelter people’s behavior. As her anger began to rise, she was determined that she wouldn’t be going empty-handed after traveling such a long distance. But then she saw something that made her understand the reason why these shelter people were stopping her.

A Long Wish

Jess Williams loved dogs and always wanted one in her life. But, sadly, she had to put her wish to have a dog aside for a few years. Jess was moving out of her house to complete her studies. She knew that the day she completed her degree, definitely, she would get a dog for sure. But as we said earlier, sometimes things don’t happen the way we want them to happen. She was right there to fulfill her wish to have a dog but the shelter people told her the reason why she couldn’t have this dog. The reason changed everything for her.

Life Changes

Jess moved to Brown University to complete her education which she knew was important then, but in her heart, she knew that one day after graduating from college, the first thing she would do is to adopt a dog. She even thought of having a dog in her college days but the college dorm didn’t allow pets and she was again heartbroken. She knew she had to wait a little longer. But, finally, the day came.

A Graduate

Jess completed her graduation from Brown University. However, she was sad because her college days were now over and she had to move to the next step of her life. Her friends won’t be there 24/7 to support or encourage her. Now, she has to walk on the path of his life all alone. On her graduation day, she was sad but happy too, because now she would be able to adopt a dog and there wouldn’t be any problems. But little she know, there was another problem which would again shatter her heart. What was the reason the shelter people refused her request?

Made For Each Other

After graduating, where she left her best friends behind, all she had with her was Jared Coutou, whom she met in her college days. Soon, they started dating each other and slowly both of them fell for each other. The college was over but with time their love grew stronger than ever. Even Jared knew how much she loved dogs and even he was into dogs. They were made for each other. Then he decided something for both of them.