The beach is where you get to see people enjoying themselves, without a care in the world. The breeze that the sea blows and salt in the air are enough to cheer up anyone’s gloomy day. The beach is always full of life and happiness. A man happened to used his drone during his time at the beach. This took place in a Bahamas beach that had a flood of people. Little did he know that he was about to film a heart racing incident. He managed to be of help saving a kid from losing his life…

Playing With A Drone

If we ask around, there would be a few people who do not know what a drone is. There is no argument about how popular drones have become so incredibly popular in the past few years. Hence, this incident is not one that should surprise you at all. They are indeed fun to play around with giving us amazing views that would otherwise be impossible to have.

Some Are Not Fans

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And who are the ones who love this gadget the most? The answer would definitely by tech lovers. They are most definitely the people who use it the most. However, just because some people love using them, this does not mean that everyone is a fan. There are people who do not condone the use of drones because of their invasion of privacy at times.

Viral Videos

There are so many videos that have gotten attention worldwide. With the advent of the internet, so many videos have become popular for positive and negative reasons. And the majority of the viral videos that have been taken with drones usually have scenic footage and husbands or wives catching. There are so many videos that have captured people having affairs.

Saving A Kid!

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Now although there is a downside to the use of these gadgets, there must be a good reason why everyone wants to make use of it still. Can you believe that there are times when these gadgets can actually be life-saving? This story is one good example of such an incident. Cameraman Artem Tkachenko was able to rescue a kid in need from the waters of the Bahamas using a drone!

Beautiful Videos

This drone user is clearly not a newbie. He is one who had made a name for himself as a skilled cameraman. He has done a lot of brilliant work in photography and videography as well. Tkachenko had a popular following in the YouTube community because of the incredible videos he makes in the Bahamas capturing the natural scenic beauty there.

Meaningful Hobby

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This incident is one where he was just roaming about the beaches, trying to find gorgeous spots to film. He was getting ready to film more of the amazing crystal blue water and the perfect beaches using his drone. The cameraman was flying the drone above the terrain. He did not realize how crucial it was for him to be doing this right now, that a hobby of his would save a life.