The government makes policies for our welfare but what if these policies break your family completely. A Chinese couple became a scapegoat of one of the policies made by Mao government when they had to sacrifice their daughter. The couple gave birth to a beautiful girl child in 1995 when One-child policy was at its peak. In order to avoid any misfortune, the couple left their baby all alone in a vegetable market with a note. In the letter, they had requested her adopter to make her meet them after 10 or 20 years on the Broken Bridge. Ten years later, the couple goes to the bridge to meet her but does the daughter who had changed a lot throughout the years comes to meet them? Find out here……….

A Secret Pregnancy

Baby Kati

The story begins 22 years ago when Qian Fenxiang got pregnant with her second child. The news though was happy but it really bothered her a lot. In those days, China used to follow the one-child policy due to its rapidly growing population. So, any child beyond one was illegal in the country.   

It’s Illegal

Qian had already come very far in her pregnancy when she learned that she was pregnant. Now aborting the child was not an option for her. She had to give birth to her unborn child. Soon the pair learned that Qian was carrying a baby girl. The couple was in quite a pickle! Neither were they allowed giving birth to the daughter nor were they in a state to abort it. So what were they going to do now?

Hiding It From The World

For the time being, Qian hid from the world. As the pregnancy was getting visible day by day, she had to keep herself away from the eyes of the world. If the authority by any chance gets the wind of her pregnancy, they would take their child away from them. The lady stayed put inside her house for six weeks. She came out on the day of her labor. Qian was not admitted to a hospital fearing someone would get a wind of it so she had to deliver her child at the weirdest place.    

On A Boat

River BoatIt was a boat! Yes, Qian brought out her girl child out of her in a boat. The couple had to deliver the child on their own. There was no medical help around. Fortunately, the baby came out safe and healthy. After that, they severed the umbilical cord with sterilized scissors. As the couple had no sterilized scissors, they had to do it by putting it in boiled water.  

A Hand Of Help

As the birth was done in absence of any proper medical care, complications were still lingering. Though the baby looked healthy, the couple soon sensed something was no right. Eventually, they had to seek the help of a physician who promised to keep this birth a secret.  

To Save Her Life

The couple knew that the life of their baby was in danger as long as she was with them. Qian had not kept her inside her for months, not for nothing. However, the prevailing policy was prohibiting them from keeping her. Xu, the father decided to do something that would have torn their heart apart.