Underwater experiences are the most amazing and soul soothing episodes one can have. As they say, every coin has two sides, in a similar way, underwater exploration can be both amazing and dangerous. But the thrill of exploring the world which we are not able to see from the above is something else entirely. Intrigued by the same nature of the waters he dived into, only to experience something astonishing. While he was busy in his own activity there was a creature who wanted to meet the diver and show him something that he holds dear. This guy who didn’t know what he should do gathered all his courage and went near the seal only to make that moment his most memorable moment of his life. This story melted so many hearts and we believe it would melt yours too.

Our Diver

Talk of adventures, Gary Grayson has enjoyed his part of share be it underwater diving or skydiving he has done it all. He is from Salford, United Kingdom and has been an adventurer for years. As they say, age is just a number, Gary is 55-years-old but still, he has been active in doing all sort of adventure whenever he gets time. A videographer by profession he was taken aback when a couple of seals started circling around him and didn’t leave him until they got what they wanted. What was that? You’ll find out soon…

Underwater Friendship

Gary and some of his friends decided to dive into the waters of the Isles of Scilly, England. Excited for the activity was looking forward to it. Who would have thought that he would experience such an amazing thing that would make his hobby so memorable and exciting for coming years? Thankfully, being a videographer he took a camera with him and clicked everything and the footages from that episode are here. We also have the video that soon became viral. You can see the video at the end of the article.

Seal Puppies

Did you know? A seal can hold their breath for two hours which helps them to slow their heartbeats and conserve oxygen. Gary was diving with some of his close friends to explore the underwater flora and fauna. They had no clue that this activity would change their life forever. This amazing act done by a couple of seals made their experience historic that left everybody who saw it in tears. People were in awe when saw these seals doing such heart-melting act. Their behavior changed the way we saw seals.

Record Everything

Gary made sure that he records everything. He just wanted to capture the life underwater for his projects, but soon everything changed and they forgot everything except to record these loving seals who became the stars of the video (you can watch the video at the end of the article). The underwater world has been a mystery for us. Even today, 80% of the waters haven’t been explored. You could imagine what all lies there. But forget everything and live these cute moments. We are sure these pictures would bring a smile to your face.

Take The Camera!

Usually, Gary was the one who filmed everything, but that day his friend was on the job. Gary’s friend recorded everything which they later uploaded on YouTube. The video is at the end of the article. On that special day, those two seals stole the limelight. They welcomed Gary and his friend into their world with open arms and did something surprising that left them speechless. Such heart-warming behavior¬†melted their hearts.¬†

What To Do?

What would you do if you see a couple of seals coming towards you? Though they are cute and loving, still no animals like if some unknown comes into their territory. Gary and his friend saw these two seals coming towards them of which they had no idea of what to do next? They both stood still for a moment to better understand the situation but then something amazing happened.