Something Wrong

Kelly was waiting for their response and was getting impatient with every passing day. When it comes to a dog she starts behaving like a toddler who just wants his toys beside him. She couldn’t wait much longer and decided to visit Rocco. Surprisingly, even Rocco was very happy to see Kelly and the moment she arrived Rocco ran towards her and started wagging his tail like crazy. Who wouldn’t love this dog? Just look at him. He is one of the sweetest and playful dogs she had ever come across. Finally, he was home and Brewer met his new friend.

A Strange Odor

Everything was going perfectly and Kelly was excited when she brought Rocco home. They both connected so well that it felt like they know each other for very long. Kelly was playing with her dogs and it was then she noticed something. She felt like something was terribly wrong with Rocco and even Brewer could sense as he kept barking looking at Kelly to tell her something. It was something she hasn’t imagined and it made her really terrified.

Should She Worry?

We agree, that it’s not big of a deal when a dog smells bad, but this smell that was coming from Rocco was not a usual smell that comes from a dog. Kelly knew a lot about dogs and she could tell a difference between a regular smell and abnormal smell. The first thing that came to her mind was the lack of hygiene and she knew that Rocco hasn’t been washed in a long time. The next thing surprised her even more.

Dogs And Their Smell

Kelly thought that the smell that was coming from Rocco could have been because of the natural bacteria that home in dog’s paws and some even compare the smell with Fritos. Kelly thought she is just overreacting and because of the fact that she is extra sensitive when it comes to smell. She didn’t take it much seriously and continued her daily routine. But the smell was already in the back oh her head and every time she saw Rocco she felt like the smell was getting stronger.

What Could It Be?

Kelly was trying to convince herself by thinking that the smell is because Rocco hasn’t taken a bath in a long time. But the smell was becoming unbearable for her and it kept bothering her. She called Rocco and started investigating the reason behind the smell that was coming out of him.

Taking Off His Harness

Rocco was wearing a harness and half of his body was covered with it and because of that, she couldn’t tell the source of the smell. She took out the harness to investigate his body properly and it was then, she found the origin of the disgusting smell. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She was seeing something unimaginable. She was in shock and her hands were shaking vigorously.