Large Crater

The farmer’s father extracted the meteorite off its crater. The crater was quite large in size. The crater is a round hole that occurs when a meteorites hit the earth. Volcanoes too cause craters.   

Buying The Farm

Mazurek was doubtful whether the farmer was telling the truth or not. Perhaps, the farmer was making it up so that he buys the farm. The man had already liked the space and so decided to buy it.

Still Warm

The rock was still warm even after staying on the farmland for the whole night. However, not too hot. Farmer and his father could not understand what to do with it so they started using it as a doorstop for the farm shed door.   

True Or False

Now it was difficult to find whether the farmer was tricking him or not. Well, this was something he was least concerned about. He finally bought the farm but with that, he got something else too. 

A Gift

He did not mind taking the rock too as the farmer gave it to him. But he did not spend much of his time wondering whether it is actually a meteorite or not.  

Out Of The World

Mazurek did not pay much attention to the rock. The Meteoroids exist in outer space that revolves around the sun. And those meteoroids that shoot down to earth are called meteorites.