A Brilliant Idea

Gerson couldn’t take it anymore and started to think of any possible solution, which would help her family get a proper night’s sleep. She came up with an idea of leaving a few pacifiers in Amelia’s crib while she was asleep. This worked out, as, not finding a pacifier on waking up was the reason for her daughter crying in the middle of the night.

The Question Was, ” How Many ?”

Gerson, initially just gave it a shot to check whether her idea worked or not. She needed to work out how many pacifiers she required for her theory to work. “I just put a couple in there,” she explained. “But we lost one down the side of the cot. So over the next few nights, I just put more in there.”

Magic Number Found

Eventually, Gerson worked out how many pacifiers were required exactly. She left four of them directly above Amelia’s head and scattered six randomly at the top of the crib. In this arrangement, there was always a pacifier in reach.

Problem Solved!

The trick seemed to work perfectly for Gerson and her family.They witnessed the fact that Amelia was able to quickly find what she was looking for. “She feels around, finds a dummy, sticks it in and she’s sorted,” Gerson told HuffPost in January 2018.

Able To Take Proper Sleep

The parents keep a look at their baby’s monitor in case she needs something else than a pacifier.Amelia is now one and sleeps about 12 hours every night. The idea worked perfectly and the family was able to take proper rest at night.

Shared The Idea

Gerson thought of sharing the trick with other parents, as, she realized that it was a common problem with which each parent with a newborn suffered from. Introducing her idea to The Motherload Facebook group, Gerson wrote, “Weird bedtime routine that’s worked.”