We all know that we must learn to mind our own business and not meddle in the life of others. However, there is a saying that if you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. Hence what would you do if you knew that someone was the source of a something vile? This lady saw this pregnant lady who took her attention because of a suspicious behavior. What she went on to uncover was something that even alerted the news and media…

What A Mystery

This was a confusing experience for the woman who was facing so much. She was there, not stirring a bit waiting completely stunned. Her head was trying to wrap around what just took place. She was scratching her brain to hopefully get a meaning and reason behind it all. She was naive and unaware for too long! She was putting all her attention on the beggar who had just jumped in a mysterious car…

Web Of Lies

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The beggar who had just entered the car was, to say the least, acting suspicious and very mysterious. She made up her mind and had vowed to uncover the secret that this lady beggar was keeping. She had stayed silent and patient for too long now.  As she started to do her own investigation. the woman would soon realize the number of lies she had been fed all this time…

In San Diego

Well, who is this woman who was lurking behind the suspicious beggar? Melissa Smith lives in San Diego, California. She was actually doing her usual activities, going about her usual errands but by chance spotted the panhandler once more. On this particular day, Melissa had a feeling that there was something weird, so she decided to trust her gut and follow the mystery person.

Scramble For Her Phone

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She was carefully observing the beggar from a distance to learn more about what she was trying to do. It was quite intriguing because the person was acting very secretive, pumping Melissa’s interest even more. She could see that the beggar and a little boy leaving when she took a closer look. Then what she was was something that made her frantically look for her phone.

East Lake Village Center

And it was also quite strange where all this took place. It was actually happening at the center of a shopping plaza. The beggar had actually saved a spot at the center of East Lake Village Center. This was a very public place to be acting so suspicious so Melissa became even more intrigued. This center was one that had stores that varied from restaurants, goodwill, hair stylists, dentists to retail.

A Hole In The Plan

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This scenario was something akin to a movie plot because the beggar was not even an ordinary woman, she was actually carrying a child. The pregnant woman was sure that the place where she was doing her activities would be crawling with folks who would not mind sparing a little bit of cash. But her plan had a loophole. She was not expecting someone like Smith to take notice.