If you ask anyone to name a barnyard animal, they would most definitely put a cow on the list. It is certainly one of the most common farm animals around. Well all know that cows moo, that they give us milk and that they sometimes end up as our dinner. This cow is one that you will certainly remember for sure. It had done something that no other cow had ever been recorded as doing before. She has certainly changed a lot of notions we have about cows. Your perception might be changed too…

A Unique Cow

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This cow had a very unique start. She was actually born just outside of Houston. Her birth happened only a few days after a catastrophic event struck her birthplace. In actuality, this calf was certainly not meant to survive the disaster that took place. The world that she was born into was quite a mess. She, however, found a very distinct way of beating the odds and managing to survive what other cows would have withered away from.

One Of The Victims

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We must have all heard about the powerful and disastrous hurricane name Hurricane Harvey. A few days after Hurricane Harvey ripped apart the southern United States in August 2017, there were a lot of casualties. The hurricane ended up flooding city streets and country pastures as well. Tammy Canton, 43 and her dear husband were among the victims of this ruthless hurricane that destroyed so much.

A Tight Home

Tammy and her husband were in a dire situation when Hurricane Harvey took over their neighborhood. The natural calamity left them quite distressed as it destroyed so much of their possessions and property. There were two additional families and eight dogs that had taken shelter in the comfort of their humble home in Fulshear, Texas. Hence, since there were a lot of individuals, space was rather tight.

More Trouble

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It was already stressful enough for the family to get through the hurricane that was not sparing anyone. They were trying their best to live through the disaster and everybody tried their best not to panic, to do whatever they can to survive. But then, as they were hustling and bustling to find a way to overcome Hurricane Harvey, Tammy’s husband noticed something that would result in more trouble for the couple…

More Worries

The family loved animals so it was not a surprise that they also kept a lot of farm animals too. As hurricane was raging and they were all preparing themselves, Tammy’s husband realized something that worried him a lot. He could see that one of the family’s pet cows had unexpectedly welcomed her babies right after the storm passed. They were worried as it is and this certainly added more to their plate…

A New Mother Cow

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It was a tricky situation even for the cow because she was also trying to find her way to escape the after-effects of the hurricane. “My husband noticed she [the calf] was standing in water not nursing from her mom,” Tammy revealed to interviewers, giving them an insight of what had taken place when her husband realized that a new calf was born. This was not even the worst thing that happened that day.