Not So Ideal

The couple was one that really loves animals, so when her husband saw that there was a struggling new mother cow, he could not help but feel worried. And as Tammy explained, the weather was certainly not an ideal place to be raising a feeble calf. “The water was extremely cold,” Tammy explained the scenario where the calf had been birthed, “and the pasture was holding quite a bit of water.”

What To Do?

Image result for cows farmThis was not even the worst thing that the couple could see. Tammy also revealed that the calf was “weak and shivering from the cold rain.” For a young calf to be welcomed into such a terrible surrounding caused them to be all the more alarmed for its health. So upon seeing this, the couple knew that they had to do something but what could Tammy and her husband possibly do to help the cow?

Need For Action

Since Tammy and her husband could see everything, they knew that the calf was in a critical condition. The couple was so worried that she would not be able to survive even the first day of its arrival. The unhealthy reality of the situation was something that she and her husband were certain, had to be changed. They had to act quickly or else the calf would not be able to survive.

Playing Hero

And so Tammy’s concerns grew as the time went on. She knew that if she or her husband did not go and make something better about the situation that the calf was brought into, they would have to see her die. And this was not something that the two wanted to witness. Like we had mentioned earlier, their home was already flooded with people and dogs, but once again the couple had to play hero.

A Shivering Calf

Since the storm had just hit the surrounding areas, it was going to be quite the struggle for Tammy and her husband to get to the cow. They would have to brave the flooded pasture in order to get to the newborn calf that was helplessly lying there. She was still a weakling and was unable to stand by herself, and that was not all. The baby calf was also shivering terribly and it was clear she was feeling very cold.

Too Gar Gone

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Tammy and her husband were making their way toward the baby calf. They wanted to make it in time to be able to save the calf as it would certainly not live through the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey. The couple had to go through quite the challenge to get to her. In the words of Tammy, the cow was quite hard to get to, “She seemed too far gone for me to help her,” she explained.