If you are a FRIENDS  fan, you will never be able to forget the episode where Ross and Emily decide to get married, but Ross makes a blunder when he utters Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s while making his vow.

Linda and Mike from Johannesburg had a dream-like love story which everybody would be jealous of…or so it seemed. The two finally decided to get married after being together for 3 years.

But no story is so perfect. Something happened in the love story of Linda and Mike that led to the running away of Linda from the aisle on the wedding day. Will she come back? And what had exactly happened? This is not the story of Ross and Rachel, it is a story of its own kind and will leave you thinking, ‘Is that even possible’?

The Couple

Linda and Mike met in 2016 at a common friend’s birthday dinner. They both started to talk and realized they had a lot in common. That is when the two started to get to know each other better and got along really well. 

Falling In Love

Linda and Mike were so like each other that it seemed like they were made for each other. After spending three lovely years together, they both felt that the time had come for them to tie the knot and be each others forever. 


The couple told their families about their decision of getting married and the preparations started straightaway. There was a lot to do and the time was very less. Linda was more than excited about the wedding. 


Linda was a very emotional person and now that she was getting married, she wanted to attach a sentimental value to each thing related to the day of the wedding. This day meant more than anything to her. 

Wedding Gown

To have a sentimental value, Linda decided to borrow her mother’s gown and make some changes in the mother’s gown itself. She knew it would turn out to be the most beautiful gown and she would look the best in it. 


The best part was, that Linda and Mike were together during each task that was to be completed as a part of the wedding preparations. Mike was everywhere Linda needed him, and they both did everything together.