The Story

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At the Buzzfit gym, one of the clients of Pete Rubish, who himself is quite a famous powerlifter, had been warned twice for being noisier than he needed to be while deadlifting. This teenager was told to put padding underneath the weights while lifting the next time. As can be seen in the video ahead, the teen did exactly what he was told. 

Deadlifting Right

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In the video ahead, the teenager named Charles can be seen following the warning and using the mats while deadlifting. The noise is still pretty loud but this is the maximum Charles could have done, even after the warning. 40 seconds of the video goes by when we can see a man walking in Charles direction, on purpose. 

Back Story

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The youtube account of Pete Rubish that posted this video attached in the next slide gives this account: “The backstory is that the staff at a Buzz Fit gym in Montreal, Quebec have given my client a hard time in past weeks about deadlifting too loudly in the gym. They said he still could, but he had to place mats underneath the plates.”

But What Ensued

The account continues- “So he did as they asked. A random bystander, not a staff member, (wearing an Animal shirt of all things: my sponsor) took it upon himself to confront him after he deemed his deadlifts to be too loud and watch what ensues.” Ahead is the video of the entire episode but things did not end there, legal help was sought. 

The  Video

Here is the video. The person who came to Charles was not a member of the staff. He is a stranger and he kicked Charles WHILE he was lifting the weight.

Things Could Have Gone South

It is one thing to come and ask a person politely to be not noisy, it is completely another to interrupt them in the middle of an exercise and kick them. Charles could have lost balance or hurt himself with the weights or worse, both. The incident happened on the 2nd of August and since then the video has gone viral like a wildfire.