Kids complete a family. They are the life of the home and you may agree if you have any kid that no matter how much do they trouble you with their careless actions, the home doesn’t feel like home without them. And if you are newly married then you must be thinking about starting a family. Lauren Knowles a Scottish mother was very happy about knowing that she was pregnant with her second child. However, things took an ugly turn when she learned that she was not pregnant with a child but with a cancerous mass. What happened next was more unbelievable……

Sweet Family

Her Family Was GrowingLauren Knowles belongs to Aberdeen of Scotland. She had not been feeling well for a few days and as the situation persists she thought of seeing a doctor. Well, it was an apt decision. The doctor told her that she was bearing another child in her womb. The twist was not this, the good news was coupled with something0 horrible that she was soon going to learn.   

Pregnant Again

The 27-year-old woman was already parenting a kid when she learned that she was going to be a mother for one more time. Well, the news got her and her fiancee over the moon. The two had a son named Charlie and now the boy was going to have a baby of its own. 

Countdown Begins

Prior to that, they were already parenting a son so having another one was not a problem for them. Charlie was born in 2012 and two years later the couple was pregnant again. All that they were feeling at that time was excitement. They were very thrilled to welcome a new member in their family.

There Was A Problem

There Was A ProblemThe first seven weeks passed by normally. The would-be mother and father had already started preparing for their unborn baby. They wanted it to be a girl this time as they already had a son. Well, planning about a baby in just a few days was actually too early. But they were too excited to think about all this. 

Something Was Amiss

Her Condition Was OddIn the seventh week of her pregnancy, she experienced something weird. Lauren saw heavy spottings. However, it did not bother him as she had experienced the same thing when she was carrying Charlie in her womb. The bleeding did not stop. The continuous bleeding began to bother her and so she decided to see a  doctor.

Seeing The Doctor

Lauren was having a hunch that something was wrong! She went to see a doctor to figure out what exactly was wrong with her. The lady had never imagined in her wildest dream about what the doctor was going to tell her.