Even the doctor grew suspicious when she told her about the constant bleeding. The doctor herself baffled, suggested her to undergo some medical tests in order to find out the root cause. The result came after a week. Lauren was indeed pregnant but not with a child……..

Bad Newz

Doctors told her that she was having a molar pregnancy. Lauren had never heard of anything like this. But by seeing the expressions of the doctor she figured that it was not a good news. She asked her doctor what does it mean and what doctor told her was something that she had not imagined even in her wildest dream.

Molar Pregnancy

Her Womb Had A Tumor

Molar pregnancy, also known as the Gestational trophoblastic disease develops a tumor in the womb. The tumor is the accumulation of trophoblast cells. The disease is often confused as pregnancy by the people as the body at that time produces the pregnancy hormone. 

What Next?

People who mistake the tumor for a baby usually get to know about this when it’s too late. All this while, the tumor keeps growing like a baby. Which makes the body give positive signs. It was a heartbreaking news for Lauren. She had planned so many things for her baby. Wait, that was not the worst news……..

It Was Deadly

She learned that the tumor she had carried was cancerous. They needed to get it removed surgically. Meanwhile, they got her on low-grade chemotherapy to destroy and keep a check on the cancerous cells. The medicines were doing no good as the hormones kept breeding tumor. Consequently, they had to get on with the chemotherapy. 

After Five Months

Five months went by like this. The woman had made thousands of visits to the hospital in these five months. Her home was filled with grief and stress. Her little son was the only source of happiness in the house. Lauren’s fiancee stayed by her side all the time.