Dogs are cute, loyal, amiable and most importantly they are the best friends you can ever get in your life if you are lucky enough to find one! No matter how stone-hearted the world gets they will always be there for you and offer you a shoulder to lean on when you are feeling low. Lauren must have thought the same way when she adopted Victoria from the dog shelter, unaware that she was more than a companion she longed for.

The Case

It was the month of November, the sky was overcast by clouds and chilly winds were blowing. Lauren was preparing for a case she had to represent that day and it was one of the most crucial cases that she had to fight and win in any case. So, indeed she had a long day ahead.


She had several thoughts in her mind about how would she begin with the case, where she had to take a pause and what could be the unanticipated questions she could encounter. Would she be able to counter the opposition? This case was very close to her heart and everything was on the stake. Would she be able to win?

Everything On Stake

With a lot of questioning and cross-questioning, she did manage to win the case as always. She hadn’t lost any case, the moment she had stepped into the court till now. She had money at her disposal, but still, she wasn’t content in her life, there was something missing in it. Would she be able to find the missing pieces of her life’s puzzle?

Coming Home

As she used to enter her house, the emptiness of the house, made it impossible for her to live in that house. It was always ready to eat her alive, no artifacts and antiques in her house gave her a positive vibe when she entered her house but nothing helped her to feel satisfied.

Animal Lover

She always had a soft corner for animals and when it came to dogs they were her all-time favorite. She had always thought of having a pet at some point of her life when she was successful and now when she was well-off, she was concerned whether she would be able to take care of one or not.

Search Begins

That day, when she returned from the office she had made her mind that she would adopt a dog before this house ate her up all and within no time started surfing the same on the internet. Would she able to find the right companion for herself and was it so easy?