If one thing this story proves is that everything happens has a specific reason. Though the reason might not be seen on that very moment but with time we realize, yeah, things aren’t that bad and eventually, everything worked out. This sweet couple adopted a one-month-old baby who was left abandoned in a shoebox. Yes, you read it right. This baby was in a shoebox when this couple found her and little they knew their life would change forever. This baby came into their lives and brought a new ray of hope light. This new light took away all the darkness that was there in their lives and soon nothing was the same. This family deserved all the happiness this world has to offer. Many relationships fall apart but this couple stayed with each other in a difficult time because they believed in each other. What is one good thing about bad times? It is the fact that bad times too pass. Let’s read this amazing story which would surely melt your heart.

The Beginning

Yes, Chuck and Kim play a very important role in this story but it is the clock that changed everything for the family. You must be wondering, what a clock has to do with the family? Be a little patient just like Chuck and Kim and soon you’ll find out the role played by the clock. Time heals everything and in this case, it was the clock, literally.

The Proposal

Chuck and Kim have been in love for a very long time now. In his heart, Chuck knew that Kim is the one for him and with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. But proposing her was the biggest challenge Chuck has ever faced but he was determined to make that happen. And when he was ready, he proposed Kim and said everything he ever felt for her. Even Kim had feelings for him and she always knew that Chuck is more than a friend but she was afraid to reciprocate her feeling. She couldn’t lose a friend just because she felt something for her. But Chuck had a something else on the mind and on one lucky day he got down on his knees and that’s when two hearts became one.

A Couple’s Love

Kim was surprised by Chuck’s proposal and was left speechless. But Chuck knew it was a yes and held her hand to never leave it again. They got married in 1982 and even after 30 years, their love didn’t leave this couple. After two years of their marriage, the couple welcomed a new member into their lives that almost completed the family. But they soon found themselves buried inside a hollow space that seemed like a normal world but had nothing to offer them. But what changed?

It’s A Boy

So, finally 9-months-long wait got over and the couple welcomed a new member into their lives. Their firstborn son which they named Brad made them the happiest couple in this world. Chuck was in tears while he held his son in his arm. Kim could see tears of joy falling from Chuck’s eye that reflected a bright light when they saw their son. Chuck says, ” it was a feeling too difficult to describe in words. It was pure bliss”. Soon couple decided to give Brad a sibling.

The Unexpected

Chuck and Kim were more than happy with this gift that came into their lives through Brad and soon decided to take the next step but things took a very sharp turn that left their lives shattered. They wouldn’t have imagined something this miserable would happen to them. But it did.


After their first son, Brad was born Chuck and Kim decided to have a sibling for their little son. After a year and a half, the couple was expecting their second child but things didn’t go as planned and the child didn’t even get the chance to see the world. His little feet never touched the soil which would have offered him the happiness and all the love this couple was ready to gift him. Being a mother, Kim was left heart-broken. This tragedy left a huge scar in their lives. But something amazing was waiting for the couple which they never thought would come.