Every day we come across many adorable and funny pets while scrolling down our social media feeds. Deep inside our heart, we all know that dogs are the best! And if you think that no we can’t be so sure about dogs being the best then wait until you read about this puppy dog. This pup did something really unbelievable and his story was viral all over the internet and for that same very reason we are exploring the story of this pup and his actions. So, what did the puppy do? You’ll find out soon.

Meet Lana!

The amazing story is about a 4-months-old pup named Lana. She was rescued by her owner from the streets of Brazil. She was a stray dog, but her action proves that it doesn’t even matter a bit if a dog is a stray or belongs to some great breeds. Dogs are the best, no doubt! You might think what could a pup do that made her story viral. You’ll be surprised to see what Lana did that day. It was something you wouldn’t have seen in your whole life. 

The Owner

Lana’s owner was a good human being. There are two types of people in the world. One who loves the breed of the dogs, and second, who just love dogs. The owner belonged to the second category. She just loved dogs. The night she saw a small pawed creature walking down the streets of Brazil, she knew that she had to help her in any way she can. She picked up the puppy and took her to her house.

Aren’t Easy

We all know how difficult streets can be for dogs. We see them walking on the streets or crossing the roads or in our neighborhood, like almost every day. How do they look to you? Tired, hungry, and so weak that you can almost count the bones of their body. Even if we want to help them we are just bound with so many other things in our lives that we aren’t able to do it. But Lana’s owner helped the puppy and it was the best decision because what Lana did that day was something unexpected from a dog. No dog has ever done.

Bringing Her Home

So, if you have ever brought a puppy home then you might have seen how scared they look. For the puppy, it’s an entirely new place and surrounding. So, you have to give 24 hours of attention to the dog. Lana was also looking a little scared when her owner first brought her inside the house. Lana would now live here for the rest of her life. But it wasn’t easy adjusting.

Not That Easily

First few days weren’t easy for Lana. She was feeling really out of the place. Though she felt safe around her owner then she kept searching for her previous street and known places inside the house. But soon, Lana adjusted in her new home and her new family. Things were going great then one day, the owner was taken aback by Lana’s action.

An Amazing Pooch

Lana’s owner was in love with the new member of the family. She treated Lana as her daughter. Lana could always be seen following her owner. She never left a sight if her owner. As she grew older, she became more cute and adorable. Lana was just perfect. She was indeed a good dog.