Sean and Heather Brown StoryLuckily this news was a good one or should I say the best one for the couple! After years of trying and praying, Heather was finally pregnant. When the doctor confirmed her pregnancy to the pair, they just could not believe. Both of them were completely taken by the information. The news had completely taken over them. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was nothing short of a miracle for the couple. Their prayers finally had been answered. Eventually, they had all their happiness and life back. What else could they ask for? With this news, another chapter of their life had started that was replete with several shocking twists and turns.   

Taking It Easy

Sean and Heather Brown StoryHeather was dancing with joy. Why would she not be, she finally had what she wanted! After getting the news, they informed everyone about her pregnancy and the ecstasy in their voice was enough to tell everyone about their happiness. Needless to say, Heather was very excited and as we know excess of anything is dangerous to health. Her over-excitement landed her in trouble. She got her blood pressure increased to a dangerous level. Her high blood pressure could pose threat to her and her child. The doctor advised her to take it easy. At that very time, the family got hit with another unwelcoming news.

Leaving Her

Sean and Heather Brown StoryNot just Heather, Sean too was very excited. It was a double joy for him. With the baby, he had gotten his inspirited better half back. He wanted to stay with her during her pregnancy so that he could cater to her every basic need. But his plans got mired when he got deployed to Afghanistan. Being a US Army specialist he could not say no to the orders. He had to go to Afghanistan leaving his pregnant wife behind. It was a confusing moment for him. He so wanted to see his baby coming to this world. But as we have mentioned he was a devoted policeman, so he flew to Afghanistan with tearful eyes leaving his pregnant wife behind. Little did he know, he was going to pay a very big price for moving away from her in such a delicate condition. 

Home Alone!

Sean and Heather Brown StorySean had finally gone to Afghanistan and Heather was home all alone. During the time of pregnancy, Heather faced many complications because of her high blood pressure. She started experiencing persistent dizziness. She was 34 weeks pregnant when she started facing these troubles what was more horrifying was the thing that her husband was not around to take care of her. These occasional headaches began to persist longer. To a certain extent she ignored these symptoms but soon her lightheadedness turned into something horrible! 

The Unexpected Twist

Heather got struck with brain aneurysm. She was immediately taken to the hospital. A brain aneurysm is a disease affecting the brain of a human body. It is caused when the weak point of the blood vessel in the wall of the brain that bulges due to the constant flow of blood. In some cases, the knot can grow up to the size of a  berry. It sometimes proves fatal as it makes the patient slip into an indefinite coma. Heather went into the coma due to this illness. The doctor had to perform emergency C-section surgery. Surgery was risky as it increased the chances of her losing her unborn baby!  

Common Ailment

Sean and Heather Brown StoryAfter all the tests, it turned out that Heather was suffering from preeclampsia. It is a disease that inflicts pregnant women and develops fastly in their body. It gets further rooted if the victim has high blood pressure. The disease is very dangerous in the sense that it also affects the other vital organs of the body. What makes it more alarming is the thing that it risks the lives of both the mother and infants. About 76,000 mothers and 500,000 infants had been killed already by this disease that year. It was to see what was going to be the fate of Heather and her infant?