Mornings are usually tiring but what about the mornings that makes us feel low? And others look at us like our laziness is increasing day by day. How does it feel when you are actually in pain and your boss and colleagues think you are faking it? Bad, right? Such days can make anyone feel sorry about themselves but what if those days never end? If given a choice to make what would you choose, living a healthy yet short life or sick and long one?

It can be really distressing as well as frustrating when one doesn’t know what’s making him/her feel sick. It not only worries the patients but their friends and family too. As you can only look for the cure once you know the disease. This is the unusual story of Kathi Wilson who suffered and suffered only to open eyes of the people who’ll know about it.

Healthy Kathi

People who knew Kathi Wilson, have never seen her sick. Not that she doesn’t fall sick but she recovered quickly every time. She had a strong immune system and was always tried to keep her diet healthy. She knew the importance of a healthy life sadly, nothing was going to be in her favor, especially her health. She was doing fine but not for too long, her life soon going to be surrounded with a lot of unreasonable stuff.

Always Up For Check-Up

Kathi strongly believed in the saying that goes like, “prevention is better than cure”. She never ever missed her regular check-ups with the doctor every once in six months. Not just herself, time to time Kathi took her kids for these check-ups too. She always wanted to stay up to date and her systematic nature never allowed her to take the doctor’s appointment lightly.

A Family Life

Kathi was all fit and fine, taking care of her family, spending time with her kids. She was having perfect days before the Wilson family moved to their new home in Shelbyville, Indiana. Their new place was located in a pretty good society and it had a small backyard for kids to play. Kathi got all she wanted; her kids’ happiness. The good times were about to end soon.

No Fixing Required

The new house they moved into was all set to instantly start living with any repairing. This was one of the main reasons why Kathi chose this house, she didn’t have time to get a place that needed renovation or any extra work. Well, she was overwhelmed when she got this place as it was exactly what she was looking for, nobody knew a place can be the reason to give her sad and painful days.

A Hectic Routine

Kathi was a working woman, she was managing both her family as well as her office from the very beginning. Yes, it is hectic but that’s how most of the women do it. Starting from the early morning breakfast to the supper, Kathi tried to reduce the intake of fast foods in her as well as her kids’ diet. She replaced it with fruits and veggies and healthy recipes. A mother caring for her children, working hard to save for their future. Everything sounds like a normal family, right?

One Not So Fine Day

That Monday morning was again as usual but something didn’t feel right. Kathi made breakfast for her kids and packed their lunches, she bid them a good day while the bus picked them up for school. Somehow, Kathi went to her office but felt lazy all day long. She thought that she might be having Monday blues and that’s all. But it was the start of a series of incidences that wasn’t going to stop anytime sooner. Something that was about to bring everything in Kathi’s life at risk.