Life is like a paragraph. The initial letters of each word indicate the origin of life. The different letters of the alphabet indicate different obstacles and the full stop marks the ending of life. A punctuation mark, such as comma, can’t finish the sentence, adding on to that, a comma marks an interval which is expected to be short and further adds a mystery in the sentence. Life too halts at a point when there is no way to go back in time. Even the future cannot be predicted. Coma is the state wherein the future relies on the present recovery. The person experiencing it is neither considered living nor stated dead.

Getting out of this state is itself a blessing. Imagine a person comes out of this state and with that, the person discovers he is not he used to be at least not a part of him. Isn’t that fascinating? One such incident happened with a footballer named, Rory Curtis, which took his life altogether on a new track.


Rory Curtis is a young boy of 25, addicted to football. He used to be a striker by position and was looking forward to having a bright future in this field only. He was a budding star and his evolution as a pro soccer player was not way far. But his life took a different path when he met with a drastic accident that broke his dream and bones as well.

Stand Out

Rory used to be crazy for soccer. He was blessed with good skills and fluid technique for the game and his uncontrollable love for this game was elevated the confidence, cheering him every time to win the game and polishing his skills to play better every day. All he loved to do was juggle the football.

Raining, Yet On Training

The best thing ever a footballer can think of is the pitch and the showers of rain. Rory was fortunate enough that during his training sessions he got to experience that mesmerizing moment. He proved himself by scoring the maximum number of goals that day.

Way To Home

The showers of rain soon started unleashing their wrath. The sprinkling showers showed no more decency and poured down forcefully as if it was in a hurry to meet the earth. The merciless rain made Rory leave for home as he could not play in that condition, so he packed his bag and went to the parking area to fetch his car.

No Control

It seemed as if the roads were weeping and asking Rory not to go any further, but Rory was a man who loved to take challenges in life. No matter how much the rain tried, he drove on and on. He thought he had good control over his gears and steering. He did well to an extent but he lost it all when the roads became more slippery.


Rory’s car was all airtight. To keep himself dry, he closed all the windows and doors. He thanked God that he had a car. In a hurry to reach home early, he drove as fast as he could. His windshield became cloudy and he hardly could see anything through it which made it more difficult for Rory to drive the car.