Born as a normal healthy boy and growing up like any other ordinary toddler, this boy was cherished by both his parents. He was all well and good as he spent his first early years as a boy, but soon terror was about to strike what was seemingly a perfect life. Martin Pistorius soon turned the age of 12 and everything started changing. There was a debilitating illness consuming his whole body. The doctors did not know how to help him and soon his mind and body became fully paralyzed.

Something Unusual

So at the age of just 12 years, Martin could not use his body or even speak his mind. He had been living that way for about twelve years until he could slowly heal up again. He underwent a very slow progress with his health but still, to see that he was doing better was certainly a relief for all. However, when he regained his ability to communicate, he made a confession that left everyone stunned…

South African

Martin Pistorius Story
When Martin Pistorius was born, his parents were so happy to have a new son who seemed perfect in all aspects. He was just like any other little boy. He was a very playful child who was always watching his cartoons and was obsessed with resistors, transistors and loved everything about electronics. His parents were quite keen on seeing that their boy was so enamored by this particular subject.

Falling Sick

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Martin as a little boy was active and very well behaved. His love for electronics was something that his parents could not wait to see play out. And so during the early years of the 1980s, Martin was growing up alongside his parents in South Africa. They were one big happy family who got along very well. The whole family seemed perfect by the books until Martin began to fall sick.

Finding Doctors

Martin Pistorius Story
Martin’s life, in the beginning, did not show signs that he would turn out that way at all. As just 12 years old Martin was feeling a little sick and had complaints about a sore throat. The family did not think much of it at first since sore throats are common in youngsters. However, the more the doctor visits were, the more severe his illness started to get. Martin’s parents soon feared that it would be more serious than they thought.

Unique Sickness

So what appeared to be a sore throat was now getting a little more serious than ever expected. After doctors ran tests, they found out what Martin was suffering from. It seemed he had come down with a rare form of cryptococcal meningitis and tuberculosis of the brain. It does not take a scientist to know how serious that is. Soon his motor functions did not function and it got worse as time went on…

Symptoms Continue

Martin Pistorius Story
His parents soon learned what they feared most, that Martin’s medical condition was something incurable. It was also unfortunate that the symptoms became progressively worse as time went on. This was certainly not a good sign at all. Martin ultimately lost the ability to move entirely, he was paralyzed completely. And that was not even all, he even lost the ability to make an eye contact.