There is a saying, “You should never judge a book by its cover.” Whoever said it must have seen life from a very close angle. This story of a family who looked very different from the outside changed everything when the truth was out in the open. Noone would have thought that something this big was cooking inside the family. The family closed all the doors to not let any smell go out but little they knew their entire life about took a sharp turn. Everybody was worried about the son who went missing for 2 years and was found in a very strange place that brought out a grave truth that the family tried hard to hide from the world.

Let’s Begin

Shannon Wilfong and Michael Chekevdia were living happily as a couple fulfilling each other dreams. Just like every relationship in this world where a couple experience up and down in their lives, Shannon and Micheals were experiencing the same problems. Things weren’t that bad as they were still trying to make their marriage work. Deep inside they loved each other but sometimes because of the negativity, love fades away in the relationship but still, they were together and moving forward in their lives for the next stage of the marriage.

The Next Step…

Shannon and Micheal thought of moving to a next step where they were ready to have a child into their lives. In 2002, Shannon gave birth to a baby boy and both of them were happy to receive the new ray of light that they thought would make all the difference in their lives. Soon, things didn’t go as planned, the problems in their married lives started to grow even more. Eventually, it happened from which they were running.

The Crack

Both Shannon and Michael decided to take a divorce. Rather than fighting all the time in front of their son, it would be better to get separated so that they could provide a parenting their son needed. Michael loved his son more than anything in this world. He wanted to give him everything he wished for. But why this mishappening took place in their lives that astonished everyone around them? What made the family take this shocking step?

He Wanted To Be A Good Dad

He Wanted To Be A Good Dad

Michael has been working in the National Guard since 1982. He was posted in West Frankfort, which was very close to his hometown Royalton, Illinois. Soon, he was ordered to move to Iraq as his new posting and this was when his son just came to this world. He was left heart-broken because he won’t be able to see his child grow up. Still, he has to go because of the duty he has on his shoulder other than being a father to a child. Little did he know, his posting in Iraq would change his son’s life and he would not be found for two years.

Father’s Tour In Iraq

Soon after his son was born Michael was posted to Iraq. While in Iraq, all he had with him was some good memories of his son sleeping in his arms and a photograph in his wallet which he always saw before sleeping that he didn’t do that often for an obvious reason. He tried his best to stay in touch with his loving son through letters and phone calls. He was counting his days in Iraq, waiting for his posting to get over so that he could see his son again. But he wouldn’t have imagined the situation he would be in when he went back home.

Father Returned

In 2004, Michael’s duty was finally over and he was headed back to his son. He couldn’t believe that his son, Ricky has grown so much. He looked just like him. Ricky was very happy to see his father back home and now he could do everything his other friends did with their dad. Ricky loved spending his time with his dad and soon this started bothering Shannon and she decided to this to Michael.