The Custody Agreement Broke Down

Both Shannon and Michael got the custody of the child even though they got separated to each other, but Shannon started getting jealous of the fact that Ricky enjoyed his father’s company more than hers. It was very natural for a kid to spend most of his time with her father who not present for several years. Shannon started to cause a problem for Michael and refused to let him meet Ricky. Things became worst when the matter landed in the court. Little Ricky’s life soon turned into a nightmare.

What Is The Matter?

Michael couldn’t believe the way Shannon was treating and even on asking about she didn’t say much. Michael was getting impatient of waiting for his kid but Shannon didn’t bring Ricky to him. Micheal kept calling her but there was no answer from her side and after giving it much thought he took a decision to take it to the court. He was shocked to see what happened next on the day of the hearing. His world was shaken.

No-Show In Court

Even after convincing Shannon several times she didn’t allow Michael to meet Ricky even though they signed the custody agreement. Based on the agreement Michael took the matter to the court in 2007. He was eagerly waiting for Ricky because he’ll be arriving soon with his mother to the court but sadly, Shannon didn’t come to the court that day. The judge took notice of that and allowed Michael temporary custody of Ricky. But where is Ricky?

Vanished Into Thin Air

Vanished Into Thin Air

Michael found that there are no signs of Ricky and Shannon. Where did they go? Michael couldn’t think straight and was in tears. He enquired Shannon’s neighbor about their whereabouts but even the neighbors didn’t know anything about Shannon. One of the neighbors told Michael that she hasn’t seen Shannon from a couple of days which isn’t like her because she could be seen in the evening playing with her son in the park the neighbor goes for her evening walk. Something hit Michael.

To The Park

Michael checked his watch which showed 17:24 p.m and he thought what if she took Ricky to the park. He asked the neighbor about the park and she told him about the route. Michael didn’t wait for even a second, started his car and went straight to the park. The park was big but that didn’t matter to him because he could find his son even in closed eyes. Michael saw this woman who looked like Shannon and was happy to see her. He went up to her to ask about the absence and was shocked to see that this woman isn’t Shannon. Then where are they?

Missing Person

On November 2007, the police listed Shannon and Ricky in the missing person list. The police even issued a warrant in the name of Shannon because it seemed like she ran away with Ricky to escape the court and Michael. Soon, the police started to smell something fishy in the case. There were four different stories in this case and police couldn’t decide on which was the real one. In no time, a whole new story surfaced in front of the authority.