Not many of us really appreciate our work and jobs. While a majority of us feel that it is tiresome and hectic there are others who feel that their jobs have caused the never-desired monotony in their life. Yet, we sometimes even enjoy meeting new people in form of customers and colleagues.

Imagine that someday you end up doing something unexpected in one of your customer’s life? And if the cards turned against you, your boss could probably even fire you for the same. When this Domino’s Pizza Delivery woman bonded with one of her regular customer’s she didn’t know what was coming along. After delivering the pizza at his doorsteps for nearly every weekend, she didn’t expect that she would find something this strange inside his trailer.

Something  Odd

She had been visiting this trailer nearly every Saturday. It was her regular customer’s home. He would order a particular pizza every weekend and would often wait outside his house in the wait of his favorite cheese crust pizza. That day too he did the same, but Angela Nguyen and Sarah Hughes didn’t hope to find a thing this unusual inside his trailer.

The Delivery Woman

Angela knew that she had to instantly do something for this customer. What was the discovery or maybe a mishappening that needed immediate action? Well, before getting to that let’s start from the very beginning of this tale to understand exactly what happened that day. Angela Nguyen is a resident of Minnesota. She lives near Ham Lake, that is a small city therein.

Job At Domino’s

Angela started working with the Domino’s chain since the year 2013. She would deliver pizza to her customers and loved seeing their happy faces on receiving the meals. However, this was not her very first job. Before this, she was working for Minnesota Visiting Nurses, but a tragedy struck her so bad that she had to switch her job. This tragedy somewhere played a role when she found the unbelievable in that customer’s trailer.

Lost Her

While Angela worked as a housekeeper for the patients with HIV-Aids under her department at Minnesota Visiting Nurses, she lost her daughter when she was at work. Somewhere her work commitments stole her precious gift. Since then, she wanted to spend more and more time with her family, and the part-time job of the pizza delivery girl was something that fetched her the same.

Sharing Responsibilities

It took quite long for Angela to get over the grief caused by her daughter’s demise. But, after a few months, Angela got her job at this Pizza House. Her eldest daughter Sarah looked after her children while Angela was away and while Sarah would be working, Angela would look after her grandchildren. Life was normal until the day a customer stepped into their lives.

Intervening Into Unknown

 Meeting new customers every day was a part of Angela’s job. One day here and another day there, she would come across numerous faces on a daily basis. But she never thought that she would ever have to interfere in one of her customer’s personal life. She never knew that she would be compelled to cross the line and meddle in this customer’s living. Who was this customer?