She was tired of everything. Years of treatment couldn’t help her. Nothing in the world seemed to aid her and cure that unknown disease. She was broken to the core. Her family life was shattering and her children couldn’t see her in that pain…

Imagine that you have been going through a tough phase in life and things aren’t turning any better rather they are getting worse day by day. One will lose hope and eventually would give up in life. Something similar happened with Kathi. This woman was suffering from an illness that couldn’t be diagnosed but only numerous symptoms were identified. And then suddenly one day a bathroom contractor working in her house discovers something in the furnace and her life turned upside down in seconds.

Knock Knock

It was any other day for Kathi. She was lying on the couch motionless when she heard the knock on the door. She pushed herself out of the piece of furniture and hunched towards the door using her walking stick. She was coughing badly. It was the contractors on the door. They had arrived for some repairs in the bathroom. Kathi didn’t know how will this repair cost her a lifetime.

They Screamed

As the contractors stepped upstairs to complete their job, Kathi locked the door and went back to lie on the couch-the place she would be resting all day. She was dull and was no more excited about anything in life. As she lay her legs on the couch and covered herself with a blanket, the contractors from the above screamed out her name. She was startled…

The Victim

Kathi Wison was a 41-year-old lady living in the town of Shelbyville, Indiana nearing the outskirts of Indianapolis. She was a very jolly woman always found smiling. She had a stable job at the Department Of Motor Vehicles. She had never let anything bother her much in life, little did she know that her mystery illness would change her as a person in whole.

Healthy Lifestyle

Kathi was never a fitness freak. Exercising and running for miles was never her cup of tea. However, she always had a healthy meal-a balanced diet. She was never into junk food much but opted for salads. The underlining point here is when she was so health-conscious then how did her mystery illness cripple her for a considerable period in her life. What was this mystery-disease she fell prey to?

Ten Years Ago

Keeping her healthy routine in mind, it was very strange when ten years back she fell ill. She was never even caught up with common cold and flu, and suddenly when her health faced a little inconvenience this time, it was so major that even years couldn’t recover her. Why were things so different this time?

 One Day  What seemed to be a usual day, turned out to be the unexpected one. As Kathi woke this morning, she was not feeling easy. She was a little exhausted and at the same time felt a bit suffocated. She recalls that her body felt numb and lethargic. Though it was a very unusual thing for her, initially she didn’t worry about it much. Yet, soon only she was provided with reasons to question everything.