Nowhere To Be Found

The kids in the family picked shelters and boards and looked beneath the shattered garage pieces in order to find their pooch. Even the adults called his name and searched for him in the mess. But unfortunately, the dog was nowhere to be found. Everyone just hoped that where ever their dog was, he was just safe. Little did they know, where had their poor puppy ended up.

Refugee Camp

The family suffered a major heartbreak on not being able to find their beloved pet. They searched the entire space but could not locate him. Though they did not wish to leave without their dog, they had no other choice as they had to take shelter under the refugee camps until the property was repaired. The family left that space but their heart could not.

Still A Hope

Somewhere the family still had a hope that they will find their dog. They constantly worried about their dog and feared for his well being. All they did was just pray for his safety. For the days to come, the family did not give up and searched the entire area in hope of a miracle. Will they be able to find him?

Gave Up

People often say that if once you had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished. Probably this family was going through something similar. When after searching for days and hours, they couldn’t find Mason, the family eventually gave up. They somewhere accepted the fact that their beloved four-legged friend had lost his life in the turmoil. Yet, they thought to give it another try.

Social Media

The family saw many people posting about their lost family members. This clicked them as well with an idea. They posted online about their lost dog Mason, in an attempt to find some clues about him someday. They posted a message along with Mason’s picture on the Facebook page and just prayed for a magic spell to happen.

Rescue Efforts

After the tornado and the storm passed away and the sun shined bright, various animal rescue shelters came forward in order to help and locate these mute four-legged creatures of G0d. While everything was a mess, these organizations were able to help nearly 1800 displaced animals. Did this mean that Mason was also one amongst the rescued?