The volunteers at these organizations were no less than a savior. They undoubtedly were the good samaritans. Not only did they rescued the poor animals but also put the displaced dogs on adoption, whose owners lost their life in hands of the enormous tornado. While many animals could reunite with their families, there were a hundred more going through emotional trauma. Amongst all these animals was there still any hopes of coming across Mason?


Even the rescue team knew the power of Social media, thus they started a Facebook page in the name of “Animals lost and found in Alabama”. A lot of animals reunited and were adopted via this page. Even Mason’s family scrolled through this page and were shocked to see the findings.

Beloved Mason

Mason’s family scrolled the Facebook page some three-four times. For their satisfaction, they even refreshed it several times. Unfortunately, there was not even a single clue or sign about Mason. By now they were sure that they have lost their dog, and it was the last time they saw him in the garage. However, the family didn’t know that a big surprise was waiting for them.

The Bonding

It is not necessary that all the healthy and loving relationships in your life come from your significant another human. The love could be reciprocated by a pet as well. Mason made the same space in his family’s heart. Almost a month passed when the Tornado hit the place, and after searching in every possible animal shelter, Mason could not be found. The family presumed that someone has adopted Mason.

Yet, it wasn’t all. Mason had made some other plans it seemed.

Making House

Once the tornado passed the city of Alabama, life came to normal. The city was being reconstructed and people were shifting to their residences. Even Mason’s family decided to make a shift and return to their usual chore. They had accepted the separation from their dog. Before making a move they for one last time went back to their residence to collect their valuable belongings left there, if any. The family was already in pain and something least expected happened.

One Last Check

After weeks of surviving the tornado, the family returned to their home. They were nostalgic to find their home in such a exterminate condition. All they could find was rubble and pieces. The house which was once a home was not all shattered and so were their memories with it. Amongst the mess, their eyes caught a sight of something unbelievable.