No matter how far away you live despite all the luxury and amenities at your disposal nothing could beat the comfort of the home. It is the only place that can give you peace and a cozy feeling that no other quilt in the world can provide regardless of its softness. No wealth is equivalent to having a home and family to come back to after work and lucky are those who are blessed with it. But sometimes, we understand the value of family only when we are on the verge of losing it or see someone going through the same. A similar realization happened to the protagonist of the story in the midst of his journey that moved him to tears.

Waiting For Holidays

As David entered the office almost everyone was out of their seats, this was quite unusual for him. Otherwise, he would watch them making plans for the meetings, scheduling them and most of the people’s heads buried under the file. But today the things were different. What had caused such a change in the office?


As a lot of meetings were lined up along with piles of files to be worked at, he found it frustrating when he saw them all having fun and taking the work at a slower pace. Two things annoyed him a lot – slow devices and most importantly slow people. The whole office was acquainted with the pet peeves of their boss and never dared to annoy him. But today it seemed like they had come from home just to test his patience.

Finding The Reason

David was a work alcoholic as well as a miser. The situation that he was facing in the office was irritating him. No doubt he had made this company a success from working hard day and night and now it was counted among one of the topnotch financial firms and was listed in the magazine too. It was difficult for him to see people wasting their time.


As he took his seat and called his assistant as usual. It was his routine to talk to his assistant daily as soon as he used to come office which was a surprise for everyone that worked for him. They had rarely seen him utter a word let alone talking. But out of all the people in the office, he used to like her a lot. This used to make a lot of girls jealous of her.

The Assistant

His assistant was not only intelligent but was insanely sarcastic too. She was always the one he would turn to if he needed an honest opinion without any flattering. She was in her mid-fifties and had worked for him for more than 10 years. He would always consider her as a family member than an employee. For him, he was his Chandler as well as Joey.

4th Of July

His assistant finally told him that it was the 4th of July and people were excited about going home. To which David made an annoying face while she smiled and said: “there are people who still love going home and spend time with their peers unlike those who had made office and work as their home “. It was only her jokes he would ever laugh at otherwise no one could see any emotions in him.