Who could have thought that the streets of London on which thousands of people walk or travel on a daily basis have been hiding something beneath the surface for centuries? But then one day the secret was out in open in front of the world. The secret was lost in time. People of London forgot about its existence. There was no way the new generation could have even thought that one day they are gonna be a witness to this astonishing secret. What was the discovery? Who found it? Where was it hidden? And why was it hidden? We are gonna answer them all. Just have a little patience. Because this discovery is something worth waiting for, believe us.

The Industrial Revolution

We all know for a fact that Britain is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. This was the time when some major inventions happened which also pushed the Industrialization to great heights. The economy was booming. Factories and industries were set up all around Britain which resulted in mass production of goods and services that made the lives of people easier than before. But it was London which became the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution. You must be thinking why are we even talking about the Industrial Revolution? There is a reason behind it.

The Reason

The Industrialization Revolution is considered as one of the most important events in the history of Britain. There was so much that changed in Britain back then that we the present generation and the generation after us might not able to guess. The changes we see today are the results of the process that started in the 18th century. But there was one more thing that started back then. Something was being built under the streets of Britain. Hidden from the eyes of people only a few knew about it. What was it? You’ll find soon.

The Good Life

As we already told you, that the impact the industrial revolution was putting on the economy was amazing. Be it small or big businesses, all of them were making money. But even then, there was a section of people who were suffering or you can say their life was the cost that came with the revolution. The Industrial Revolution brought a few problems too with it. What problems?

Out Of A Job

The Industrial Revolution also brought the automation lines and machines which took away jobs from the people. They were left unemployed as machines did their job now. For many people who worked as laborers in a factory of years were now struggling to meet the end meet.

Finding A Job

Though factories and industries were being set up everywhere in London there were very little jobs for the people. There was no way of earning money for the people who suffered the wrath of the Industrial Revolution. But there was one place where these workers started to work. But what was the reason the work was being done under the streets of London?

Busy Under The Streets

Unknown to the world there was work for laborers all over London. Hiding in plain sight people were working day and night building something. What were they building? What was the work that asked such silence? The workers were at least happy that at least had a job during times when there was a scarcity of jobs in London.