Every day in our lives we are responsible for making countless decisions. From choosing which coffee shop to visit in the morning to decide which series to binge at night we are pulling the trigger on inconsequential looing decisions every day. But there are some decisions which weigh more than other, some might even hold a life in balance.

A fatal decision

One of such impossibly hard decision people are forced to make is whether to have an abortion or not. A procedure like this can be traumatic for everyone who is involved. Usually, once the deed is done, that’s supposed to be the end of it. But that wasn’t the case with this unlucky lady, as this decision of hers’ soon came back to haunt her. Not only did this “aborted” baby survive the botched abortion, she was out for answers.

The answers left her horrified

When a person is adopted, they are often left with many questions about their birth parents. Eventually, at some point in their lives, this curiosity grows soo much that they are forced to look for the answers. When this woman approached her parents with the question about the conditions of her adoption, the answers left her thoroughly horrified.

Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden weighed no more than 3 pounds at the time of her birth, in Ohio during the advent of 1977. She was told that her mother, a 19-year-old teen found that she was pregnant during her sophomore year of college. Alone and struggling financially, she decided that the best course of action would be to get an abortion. 8 months pregnant, she went to the hospital to receive a saline-solution abortion (this process has been discontinued due to its brutality).

Five Long Days

The procedure of this abortion is quite gruesome. First, they inject a solution toxic fluids straight into the amniotic sac. This solution is necessarily meant to kill the baby by burning them outside in. Melissa sat in this vat of poison for five days straight until it was time for her to be stillborn.

She heard a faint cry

Once the five days had passed, her mother returned to the hospital to have the final steps of the procedure performed. She continued on to give birth to what the doctors believed would be stillborn. After the delivery, they tossed her in the bin with other biological wastes. But not long after she was discarded, a nurse heard a faint cry coming from the bin.

She was a survivor

Following this discovery, the NICU nurse worked tirelessly to save this poor baby. In one of Melissa’s interviews, she shared the story of the first time when her parents saw her. “The first time that they laid eye on me, lying in the incubator, they fell in love with me. And, you know, I always joke, ‘I know I wasn’t a pretty baby. I know that about myself’ ha ha”, she stated. In their heart, they knew she was special.