Going out fishing on a bright sunny day is an idea that attracts all of us. The cool breeze blowing around the sea, the shining sun and the eagerness to hunt the biggest fish cheers up all the dull and low moods. And if you have a life like that of a fisherman, it gets even more exciting because you get to do something similar for almost all your life.

However, not all days work as we hope them to. And when a fisherman from Alaska, was off to his work, a huge flock of bald eagles crowds him. And honestly, their intentions didn’t seem to be a good one. What were these majestic birds up to?

Any Other Day

It was a bright sunny Monday morning in Alaska, the U.S. An old fisherman Jessie was off to his work, setting up the fishing net in order to hunt for the maximum fishes possible. It was a new day and he hoped that today he would be able to get enough one. However, little did he know that even before he would be able to hunt enough, his day would turn into the unexpected.

Strange Sight

While the fisherman was busy entangling his net and looking for the best place to throw it, he finds some shadow on the sea water. It appeared to be like that of a huge bird or something. He looks above him in the sky and was taken aback with what he saw.

A Huge Bird

As the shadow grew darker, the fisherman realized that the bird was approaching near him. He looked up in the sky to see which bird it was. As it was a sunny day he could not see it clearly. But as the flying creature neared him, he was shocked and whispered, “Did I just see that?”

A Bald Eagle

The man was amazed to see it was a huge bald eagle. Finding this majestic creature was a rare sight. Almost every day he had been setting his net there, and have never had an encounter with this bird before. He was lost in the moment until he realized that the bird was sharply approaching him. He was scared at the way she was coming closer. But why was she coming near?

The Majesty

The man was this surprised at the sight of a bald eagle as they are one of those species who was endangered at a time back in the U.S. Moreover, this bird is a symbol used to represent the United States worldwide. The nation is as powerful and bold as this bird. Surely, this bird’s majesticness is worth admiring. But, things weren’t as pleasing that day.

Looking Straight

His deep brown eyes stared at the man. His mouth open and she flew straight to his boat’s deck. The sight was a horrifying one. The bird looked like that as if she would just attack the man right then. However, none knew that there was a lot more to come and this was the mere beginning.